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devils return

G: 12st7lb
Dam i had a really bad week ast week i'm over it now and kicked my ass well and truly back onto LT
I ATE :cry: and it wasn't salad either 2 days of a binge started with chicken sandwich and ended with a chip muffin from chippy :cry:
started on my 3 shakes again yesterday god knows what happened think i needed to feel normal thing is when i used to over eat it was always in private id never eat in the street i made my time alone time to eat and thought i'd broken that cycle but nope ......why did i do it why did i give in how can i stop from doing it again i'm really sorry for letting myself down and you guys but i am back on track i just missed my friend who hasn't spoke or contacted me in 5 weeks sinse we fell out
sorry about the long post :cry:
im still hear still on LT lost my initial zest but will not give up i will get to goal
can't face the WI on friday but i will go just to see how much damage
i know i have a problem with food the secret eating has raised its ugly head again when i thought i'd beat it :cry:

debz x
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Hi Petsy,

Ok, you faltered.. but sometimes we need to fall down so we can get back and keep going... sample madness so we can keep going to find a cure....

You got back up, you started again, youve realised your error.. MOVE ON!

You done brilliantly to get where you are... so give yourself a pat on back.. you should be proud of your achievements.. dont let 1 minor thing hold you back...

remember the glass is half full not half empty........

Get that determination back and keep going!!!!

best of luck!
hey debs.. dont think i can give you any more of a ass whooping thatn youv given yourself.. you know where youv gone wrong and faced it so dust yourself down and get back on the horse so to speak.... good luck hun xx
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Give yourself a week back on LT & I'm sure your enthusiasm will be back!! Sounds like you've got your resolve back - maybe decide that if you *are* going to cheat, you do it in front of people, that might help you think more about your behaviour?

Good luck :)

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Debs, i totally sympathise with you as i've had a blip too and it's such early day's for me. I've had issues with body image/binge eating etc for 20 years and this feels for me my only hope to lose the 6 stone that i have gained in the last 4 years following post natal depression. Those who have never had a eating disorder wouldn't have a clue, and believe me you beat yourself up so badly you don't need anyone else to have a go to...which is how i felt having posted my troubles! You have got so many good weeks under your belt honey, just see it as a blip...get back on it and remember how it felt after eating the food and hopefully that will stop you from repeating a binge in the future. Good luck, can you not get in touch with your friend and work things out or is has it gone too far for that? xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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You know it is hard to keep strong. You recognise that what you did did not help your journey to a new you. No one is perfect, but we must all strive towards perfection. So chin up girl and battle on. You have made great progress and can finish this. By the way were the chips yummy!!!!
G: 12st7lb
Thanks everyone i knew what i was doing and didn't buy hoards of food i choose the things i wanted to make me feel good at the time no choc no crisps just very mature cheese and chicken sandwiches one day and walked into the chippy knowing i wanted fish and chips pudding oies ect but came out with the thing i though was prob the least damage so i was thinking a bit yes the chips were lovely i hope i havn't damaged my good work to bad the 2 days i ate i worked 6 hours at work then 4 hours painting and decorating tireig myself out so i hope i burnt some of it off only WI will tell but i have to reach ketosis again to keep going
i am going to ask my doc for help with binge eating and only hope she can help

debz x


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Hiya hun,

You are just describing most of the people on here. I sometimes eat in secret too, you need to move on from that. I took two breaks but I am still carrying on and the more I break down the more determained I am to carry on.


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maybe see if they can send you for some councelling hun x
hope you've not done too much damage.
you know you can do it and i wish you luck x jo x

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