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DH in hospital


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Hi all,
Just when you think you've put the bad times behind you..... My husband was working in Germany all week. He came home last night complaining of chest and arm pains so he went to the hospital to have it checked out. They kept him in overnight to do tests but they are unhappy about one of the results, so he has to stay in now until Monday, when they will do more tests. They think its just an infection, but the one result I mentioned contradicts this. I didn't sleep much last night and now I'm so worried I can't think straight.

I knowno-one can help - just wanted to get it off my chest.
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try not to worry too much . sometimes results are different when done a couple of days later ... just depends what they are testing for . sometimes one test will give not normal results on another test but when it is repeated it is fine ........ sometimes white cell count can rise which is sign of infection and you can test and swab the world and his wife and you will never find it !!! the body is quite clever really.
hope that makes sense !!!!!
you will have to go and visist him now and sit and throw grapes at him !!! but dont eat them
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I know there is nothing I can say to help or to ease the worry but just wanted to send you big HUGS xxxx


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Thinking of you, my DH was taken into hospital for chest pains earlier in the year and it turned out to be nothing... and my youngest was taken in again on the day we started SS... it never rains but it pours in this house!

Hope he's feeling better and they find out what it was soon


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Hi all,
Thank you for all your kind wishes. I'm afraid it doesn't look too good at the moment. He's had more tests today and there seems to be a problem with his arteries. He has to stay in hospital for the time being. He's only 43 but he does smoke (about 10 a day). I've been nagging him about it for years. He's so upset and frightened. I'm waiting for someone to come round and sit with the klids whilst I go over there. I feel shell shocked. Does anyone know about this sort of thing? I thought this happened to elderly people who smoke heavily. I feel completely helpless.


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Big hugs go out to you and I hope that whatever it is, it has been caught at the earliest time and your worries are kept to a minimum.
Will keep you in my thoughts and let us know how you get on - take care

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