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DH is moaning

:(Dh made a comment the other day about how much the diet is costing me when I'm only loosing around 3lbs a week.
I do feel guilty spending all this money on something so selfish.
Tbh I agree with him and had hoped for more off by now but then I wonder if I'm just trying to find excuses to stop iykwim.
My mil was round yesterday having a right old moan about LL which made me feel worse. Also my boss has just started celebrity slim and it's so much cheaper! I felt a right mug when he was boasting about how cheap it was.
I need help as I can feel my resolve getting weaker by the day and all my hard work (not to mention money) will be wasted if I throw in the towel.
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Hi Flossy
I think the best way you can counter that kind of pressure is to be successful and show them that LL really does work.
In my experience it is the people who don't know about LL who make the most noise about it!
To me it has been worth every penny. If you add up all the food, drink, take-aways, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, meals out etc etc I bet you are probably spending a little bit less. It seems like a lot because you spend it all in one go.
Just think, by by Christmas you should be another 2 stone lighter.
Does your OH want you to be slimmer? Maybe you could say that the best way he could support you is to encourage you and be proud of what you are achieving.
At the start my OH wasn't sure that I'd be able to stick to it, but now he's so proud.
Talk to your LLC and group. I'm sure they will have come across this before.
Good luck whatever you decide. Remember you are doing this for you.x


Ready for the new me!
Hi Flossy, you are not being selfish! My parter was the same trust me but he said to me im looking great already (he never says anything to me haha!) and he now wants to do it!
Im on week 6 and ive lost 3lbs ever since the 3rd week! It may seem slow right now but it is a fantastic loss. Im also betting your boss will not have such great results as you and will be down to 3lb or less soon enough! Although i dont know much of celebrity slim im guessing it doesnt include the support were getting and the CBT.
With reguards to your MIL my grandmother and aunties have been the same they all said to my mum that i wouldnt last and id gain it back because its a fad diet and it really upset me, but i just thought screw it and ill see them at christmas to give them all the big two fingers up in my new s/l dress hehe!

Stick at it hun, ive been the same all week moping about my weight losses but then it dawned on me i havent been this slim since i was 17 and i have curves! Big hugs and you can always pm me x
'ONLY' !
Blimey - what does he expect?!
3lb a week is fab, no other diet will do that week after week!

Stick with it. Its worth it!
daisy x
as usual, you're all so wise and helpful
I've just been to my LL meeting and am feeling much better. We covered 'crooked thinking' this week which was appropriate!
Thank you all xx
I'm so please Flossy.
I know about crooked thinking. I've just come back from my LL group. I've felt "fat" all week and was convinced I'd lost the plot.
In fact I've lost 1lb. I think it's probably due to the change in the weather and wearing more clothes.
LLC said "drama queen" - moi?

Hi Daisy - :)

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