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louisedan said:
hubby has type 2 diabetes.He went to see a aconsultant today who told him to ignore sw/ww as they are no good for diabetics. I always thought the reverse was true-just be careful what syns you have. Anyone else been told something similar or the opposite?
How ridiculous. My hubby is type 2 diabetic too and SW is perfect for us. You naturally don't have any sugar so that's great. I use my syns for chocolate or desserts and he uses them for crisps and savoury stuff.

The only thing the consultant might be referring to is the fruit. You do have to be sensible with the amount but that's the same if he wasn't on SW!

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I can see where the consultant is coming from actually . apart from sugar , the main thing diabetics need to watch are carbs as these are with what the body gets its energy , makes sugars and produces insulin , so a diet which allows you to eat as much carbs as you can is not ideal for a diabetic .


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The problem is many health professionals do not have an accurate view of what SW is about.

This is what is says on the SW website

Q: I have diabetes. Can I still Food Optimise?
A: Yes. Food Optimising provides a healthy, balanced diet. Diabetes UK suggests that people with diabetes follow the same healthy, balanced diet recommended for the population as a whole. In general it is recommended that people with diabetes base meals and snacks around plenty of starchy foods – and this is easily achieved when Food Optimising. As with all medical conditions, it is important to follow the medical and dietary advice given by your health care team. For example some people with diabetes may be given specific advice on the amount of certain foods they should eat, so it is important to bear this in mind when choosing your Free Foods.

Many of our members with diabetes have found their blood glucose levels and general health have improved significantly since following Food Optimising and a number also report that they require less medication now they have lost weight.

“Fourteen months ago I was told by my doctor that I would soon be injecting insulin if I didn't change my eating and drinking habits. Thanks to Food Optimising I now take no medication at all!” From John Ritchie

As a group member your Consultant will help you incorporate any dietary recommendations into your Food Optimising, and support you in your weight management.

If you choose to become a Slimming World Online member, you’ll be asked to let us know if you have diabetes during registration, and as part of your membership package you’ll receive further information about Food Optimising with diabetes. You can read our medical policy here…
thats exactly what I thought!The gp told him all foods turn to sugar in the gut not just carbs and to be moderate in everything with a high sugar level. I'm flabbergasted at what the consultant told him today!


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louisedan said:
thats exactly what I thought!The gp told him all foods turn to sugar in the gut not just carbs and to be moderate in everything with a high sugar level. I'm flabbergasted at what the consultant told him today!
Thats correct but it's how your body processes the sugars that's important.

I'm type 2 and see no prob with sw. After all a sensible diabetic diet is a sensible sw diet and vice versa.


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All food does not turn into sugar!!!!

Proteins become Amino acids
Fats become fatty acids and gylcerol

Only complex carbs turn into simple carbs- e.g. starch to glucose (eventually).
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My hubby is also type 2 diabetic and has been told by the diabetic nurse that the SW plan is probably the best he can follow. Yes, there is the fruit side of things, but he was given a list of fruit he should eat, eat occasionally and avoid. Saying that, he's not been watching what he eats recently, and has had a couple of hypos, so maybe that will be the kick up the bum he needs to get back on track.
The con told him about all food eventually changeing to sugar as well. It can be quite confusing. I thought sw would bw good for it but watching certain foods.I still can't get over what she said!Thanks all x

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