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Diamond Princesses Diary to Goal!

I've decided to write a diary to keep me on track to goal. I went to my first meeting on Monday and I started the diet on Tuesday. I would like to get down to 8.13 so I'll be under 9 stone. Lol. :) My goal date is June as I'm planning to go to LA and Las Vegas. I've had a good week so I'm hoping I have a good loss on Monday. Fingers crossed :cross:
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I will succeed!!!
Good luck xxx
Thanks guys. Had my first weigh in today and I lost 1.5lbs. I was a bit dissappointed as I thought I would have lost a bit more but a least it's a loss. Hopefully I'll have a bigger loss next week.
Had my WI on Monday and lost 1lb was a bit disappointed as I thought I would of lost more but at least it's a loss. So in 3 weeks I've lost 2.5lbs. That's rubbish. :cry: This week I've been very good. I've been writing down everything I've eaten. This week my friend made a deal with me. If I lose the weight and reach my target my June he will take me to a restaurant called Nobu. I don't think he thinks I can do it so I want to prove him wrong. Plus I booked my holiday for LA and Las Vegas which is also in June so I have a big incentive to lose the weight. :)
keep at it! are you doing much exercise at the same time as the diet? It can help to boost your metabolism.

Have fun in Vegas, it's a crazy place, been there 5 times I think now...

deep fried Oreo cookies in the one casino..so you had better keep to the plan so you can try one!
Thanks skaterboy. Can't wait to go. I've started to jog twice a week for 40mins. Had my WI tonight and I've lost 3lbs which is great news. I didn't feel like I lost weight so it was a nice surprise. :D
I feel a bit down. When I went to my meeting on Monday everyone was getting their 7lb certificate and I've been going for 4 weeks and I've only lost 5.5lbs and they were only there for 2 weeks. :( Plus I've been on a star week for 4 weeks. Went to the doctors and they've given me tablets. Let's see what happens.

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