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Diary - LL - 1 Year On - SafcGirls Journey Will Be Completed!!!!!!

Well tomorrow is a bit of a milestone. Its one whole year since I began my LL journey, can remember it well, the nervousness and trepidation at beginning 100 days of not eating! Would I be able to stomach the packs, would I like my group, would I be able to stick with it, would I understand the counselling etc.

Anyway loved LL and stuck religiously to the programme for 3 months then messed around in development and have been on and off the programme since July last year, not great but hey-ho at least I haven't given up! I weigh 1.5 stone more than my lowest weight on LL but I'm still 3 stone lighter than I was this time last year so I am looking at the positives..... I also feel that my mind set has changed and lapses no longer turn into collapses, I can reign myself in much quicker and me and my chatterbox are much friendlier these days!!!!

Thought I'd start a diary in the hope that it'll keep me on the straight and narrow and I can finally complete my journey. A note of caution to new LLers, regrets I have a few and the main one is not sticking the LL programme right thru until the end. The odd cheat here and there feels fine at first (nights out, holidays etc) but eventually they catch up and soon the cheats become lapses. Stay strong and keep to it 100% - aim to be one of those people in the LL magazine!! It'll be worth it.

So far I'm 2 days into my restart and feel fab, off to do some exercise.
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Safc. Great post, and well done to you for your accomplishments! You'll sort that last stone out swiftly!

I appreciate your words a lot. I am on week 12, and much much MUCH to my shock and dismay, I am still 100% on track. I never would have thought I could do it, but as I am, and am so focused, I dare not rattle the cage. I have learned a lot form those here who have lapsed - and while they have struggled and beomce upset with themselves - they can at least take heart in knowing that they are helping others.....if you know what Imean. Because we can see just how hard it is to get back on - but hats off to them all - they always get back on....again, no easy feat.

I wish you loads of luck, and hope your diary helps. I know keeping one has helped me immensely.


Janey B

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S: 13st10.5lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st3.5lb(9.09%)
Like you i did my foundation and was thrilled with my weightloss but soon after went on holiday and never did my RTM. Result was over next 4 mths put on 2st, again like you i tried to look at the positives and told myself that at least i was still 2st lighter than i was when i started LL. However i went back into a development refresher class in Feb and have lost 2st 2lbs in 5 wks and am now starting RTM today. You can do this, once you start losing those lbs you'll progress quickly to the finishing line! Good Luck. Janey. xx
Thanks Blond Logic and Janey for your encouragement,
I feel the LL buzz again and can't wait to see those pounds dropping off, you're both doing fab and its great to see that you can get back into the right frame of mind even after time away from LL. Thanks x:)
Well three days down and should be into ketosis by now. Hopefully won't have any more hunger pains as today has been a struggle. I've felt strong but my brother came up north for the day and I was 'encouraged' to break the abstinence and go out for a meal with the whole family. I was happy to say no once but was getting very annoyed at being made to feel guilty and the continual pressure to go out with them, eating out as a family has always been a big thing for us, hence the weight problems!! Any excuse to eat out as a group or have a takeaway. Anyway babysat for my sister's kids instead and feel better for not giving in. Was around food at her house (live alone and no food in my fridge now!!) and even cooked for my nephew but handled the food as if it was some sort of toxic substance!!!! Home now, have missed doing my exercise due to babysitting, could still do it now but it might wake me up!! Shall see............


Striving for slimness
Hi safcgirl, well done on getting back into LL I'm sure you will make it and do fantastically! Just wanted to ask are you from Sunderland then? My OH got very excited when he looked over my shoulder and saw your name. He a massive SAFC fan
Hi Donnalou86,
Yeah I live in Sunderland and am a massive SAFC supporter, have a season ticket (although currently having my yearly battle over whether or not to renew - money is due on Fri 4th April and I'm skint!!, credit card maybe....) Had a fab day at the match on Saturday, scored in the 5th minute of injury time to get a much needed 3 pts!! Derailed me a little on the diet front though, see below. Take Care x
So here I am a week in and hows it been?

Lost 6lbs - Yey!
Abstained when family went for meal
Abstained on Friday night out
Abstained from pizza night at my sisters Saturday night
Have done 50 to 100 stomach crunches every day - Less wobbly - still WIP
Have exercised 5 out of 7 days and feel fitter
Can zip up my bridesmaid dress - 7 weeks to go
Abstained Monday and today so far

Felt very deprived when family went out for a meal
Went to football Saturday - abstained til end of match then had celebratory glass of wine:eek: I was a little bit hyper!! 95th min winner and all that!
Drove to supermarket Sat night 8pm - bought white fish and veg - cooked:eek:
Ate 3 low carb/calorie meals Sunday :(

In some ways I don't feel too guilty but then I look at what I wrote in my first entry about cheats and bits and pieces and I think 'who am kidding' - still addicted to eating! I'm going it alone at the moment, not attending a LL class because I'm strapped for cash and still have 4 weeks packs to use up. Sort of using LL packs as a way of dieting, don't know whether that makes sense rather curing my weight problems forever, not what it was meant for but sure I'm not the only one. I'm talking myself into allowing myself to eat on a weekend because thats the time when I struggle the most.... I will ponder for the next couple of days being abstinent..... Chatterbox is a little too talky at the moment....


Striving for slimness
my OH was there too, he really chuffed cos he reckons they're pretty safe to stay in premier league now. He has a season ticket too and has just renewed. So do you go to Angela's LL group in Sunderland?
Yeah, was with Angelas group, is that your nearest group? Not going at the moment, using the spare packs I already had but planning to go back to a refreshers group in May when I've used my packs plus miss seeing my group:( Haven't renewed season ticket yet, deadline tomorrow though!


Striving for slimness
Yeah I go to Angela's group on a sat morning. That great bet it will be fab seeing your group again! oo you'll have to renew it soon then or just buy individual tickets when you want them I suppose. It is expensive like, but I wouldn't begrudge the OH it he loves it bless him lol

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