Diary of a Carb Girl...


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Hi, I'm Amy. I'm a 22 year old student in Newcastle, who likes being in the pub, eating crisp sandwiches and cheese and chocolate.

I dont have the best relationship with food - I don't eat regular meals, stopped cooking actual meals, would snack a lot - when I got hungry rather than cook a meal, I'd nip to the corner shop, buy a loaf of bread and a large packet of crisps and eat crisp sandwiches. Sometimes followed by chocolate, always accompanied with fizzy pop. Full fat of course.

When I do cook, it's fairly healthy, although I could do with more veg, I cook with frylight, don't eat oven chips, don't really eat oven food.

However I was recently diagnosed with depression and a major part of my personal struggle is motivation. I can't motivate myself to do work, to leave the house, to cook... so I haven't cooked a lot. Instead I've done the sandwich route, supplemented with takeaways (Domino's and Chinese), and on normal days I'd eat at the pub. This has been detrimental to my weight, and my wallet.

Growing up I've always been big - my mum was nearly always on a diet of some sort, and brought us up on slimming world and that's why I've never used oil, full fat milk etc. However I always had a snack obsession - and it involved sneaking it past my mum a lot.

I tried the Dukan last year and lost a stone in a month, and that was amazing, but it didn't last long as I started getting migraines from it. So I've decided now to fully take charge of my eating habits and set off on a new adventure with food.

I'm a week and a half into it, and at my first weigh in, I weighed 15stone 10 pounds. After a week where I didn't really feel any different, I lost 6 pounds! A whole 6lb!!!!! I was amazed. I'm wondering if finally eating regular meals might have an impact on this... either way I was made up.

So now I'm going forward with a boost.

This week I've had a couple of really hungry days - you know when you just want to eat and eat? But I'm scared that even though it's fruit and carrots I'm snacking on I'm eating too much... but at least I'm still on plan! Even went to the pub last night and it was all fine - 4 drinks, all spirits that were 2.5 syns each, all drank with diet coke. I stayed away from crisps, and beer and I was quite proud of that!
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Well done on a good start, hope you're still feeling positive and having another good week! :) x


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Hi amy :)
I used to love a good crisp sandwhich, yum. Like you my vice is snacking. I can easily eat a whole packet of biscuits or a giant bag of crips to myself when i get going. For crisps now i like chipsticks 4.5 syns or velvets are 4. I have a bag a day with my lunch.

well done on your 6lbs and good luck for next week!