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Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow will be my first day on Exante Total Solutions and I'm both excited and scared.

Having dieted on and off for years I now have an incredibly unhealthy attitude towards food and hopefully by removing it completely I will work some things out in my head.

I had a horrible thought this morning, I was working out how many hand spans across my bum was (oh the things that go through your head!), anyway, after a quick pat on the derriere, I measured it was 2 and a half hands wide, now I know horses are measured in hands and 16 is a huge horse...it doesn't say much for the girth of my bum!

Tomorrow I'm doing a bike ride of around 12 miles but starting at 11am so hopefully I shouldn't be feeling too ropey by then. I'm just going to try to keep busy this week, I feel if I can get week one under my belt then I'll be able to do this.

I'm a lucky girl though, hubby and family are behind me all the way (as is that substantial bum!)
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Yes welcome.......... I have more than an ample derriere too, would love to swap it for more in the chest department!!
Well that's day 1 done and dusted. During the day was no problem whatsoever, nice long lie, had a shake then out to the garden centre spent the rest of the day planting and gardening. Even made the family dinner and sat with them whilst they ate and I had my soup. Needed to have a toffee, nut and raisin bar tonight as I'd only had the two things today and I was starving, have to say I'm hoping the taste will grow on me.

What I'm really missing is my normal evening couple of glasses of red and some crisps, but hey ho, that's how I ended up this size in the first place! I am really thirsty so I'm not having problems drinking my water and I'm going to try to keep things like Coke Zero as a treat for when I'm out.

Tomorrow will be a challenge, first day at work, will probably have to endure the shame of my tummy rumbling for half the day.


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Hey, how you doin today??
Awww...thanks for asking Namaste:D

Today has been ok too, I'm actually a bit worried that I'm not feeling crap as yet. First day at work and I didn't make a big deal of it, just got my shake out at break time, someone asked what it was and I just said 'oh it's a diety thing' and nothing else was mentioned apart from the fascination with the amount of lumps I had in it.....I must take a whisk to work! I had a 20 min walk at lunchtime before my bar, I was starving by that time mind you.

I managed to cook dinner for the eejits who don't know one end of the cooker from the next and sat down with them and had my soup, tomato and basil tonight which tastes quite nice but it the most alarming pink colour! I've even cooked their dinner for tomorrow night too. To be honest , they must love it as I'm a veggie and most of the time cook veggie food, but am now making them dishes with meat so that I know I wouldn't be tempted.

I'm still waiting for reality to kick in, I think that I'm obviously in the honeymoon period. :wavey:


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Hi Feistywoman! Glad to see you're doing so well!! It's my first day doing TS and I feel fine too, and getting a bit concerned about it! Hoping all the hunger, shakes and whatever else comes with a VLCD doesn't hit me all at once!!

Your opening post made me laugh out loud :D measuring your bum with your handspan hahaha!!
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Good to see you....... everyone's different but for me it was days 4-5 that were really tough, and it's strange that you get the urge to eat something on this diet without actually being hungry! I do mostly WS now so my losses are slower than some but it suits me :)

I agree about the soup........ tastes ok but tis a very odd colour... makes you wonder what they do to it... bleurgh
Day 3 and I'm still on track woohoo! No really awful feelings yet apart from the back of my right hand is a bit numb, therefore I have managed to convince myself I have MS....oh the joys of hypochondria! It's probably just my body adjusting to things and wondering where the hell the amount of crap that is usually forced into it has gone.

I have felt a wee bit peckish a few times today but I'm just trying to keep busy. Got a half day from work as I'm going to see my cousins new baby tonight, really looking forward to seeing their new wee girl. Dreading meeting the relations though, we've never been known for tact in our family so much comment will be made on the amount of weight I've put on, but hey they don't mean anything bad by it, they just can't keep their opinions to themeselves....bless!

Still really thirsty and got a kind of metallic taste in my mouth, I did ask in the chemist for Ketostix yesterday but she looked at me as if I had just done a handstand with my skirt tucked into my knickers before saying she had never heard of them, need to try on line I think.


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LMAO.......... now that does present a picture :) I guess the taste in your mouth is likely to be ketosis but don't fret about it too much, getting sticks and testing it isn't gonna make a difference as to whether it is or not.......... well done on getting this far, onwards and downwards :) x
Hey chick

Just saw ur message... I have my vanilla with coffee ice cold it's truly yummy..it's like your very own latte But u can have it hot too ..try it u will love it x
Thanks Precious, I'll give that a try, might be nice for a change. x

Feeling very proud of myself as OH and DS had a chippy tonight and although they did offer to eat it in the sun room, I insisted we all sit together (me with my soup). I didn't feel that hungry but oh the smell....I could easily have wrestled them both to the ground and nicked the chips. But I didn't:clap:


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:rotflmao: your posts are so funny!!!

good for you for not attacking your family for their food :D you're doing so well!! only my 2nd day and i already had a nibble on some pasta this evening :( kicking myself now!! x
Day 4 and I still feel fine - I'm concerned, wonder if it's all going to hit me at the same time.

A bit hungry today as I was making the boys Shepherds Pie tonight my hand was a hovering over the potatoes BUT I resisted:0clapper:

I had my first vanilla shake today BARFARAMA! Many many moons ago, I had a pet lamb and had to get up in the night to make his feed and the vanilla shake smelled exactly like powdered lambs milk. Think I will need to take on Precious' suggestion of adding coffee to it. To those of you who love the vanilla shake......Baaaaabaaaa:D

Now here is another thing which will be way TMI, I haven't 'been' yet and after 4 days I'm getting a bit pumptastic so wondering if in a few days nothing has moved if I should take a laxative *shudders*, time will tell as they say.

Off now to have my mushroom soup, which is a bit of a worry as I hate mushroom soup, but if it's too awful I'll just lob some chilli flakes in to make it a bit palatable.

Knitting group tonight so must resist the goodies, I shall sit next to the kettle with my peppermint tea.


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Ooooh knitting group?? Sounds interesting...... tell us more :)
Knitting group is fantastic, we've been together for 3 years now. Not quite the shreddies 'knitting nanas'. Most of us are in our 40's and it can get a bit raucous at times, there are some very badly behaved girls who go;).

Oh the knitting and crochet is quite good too:D

Are you a knitter Namaste?
I am really really hungry tonight so off to bed, starting to eye up the dog and I'm a veggie:chores016:


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Knitting group is fantastic, we've been together for 3 years now. Not quite the shreddies 'knitting nanas'. Most of us are in our 40's and it can get a bit raucous at times, there are some very badly behaved girls who go;).

Oh the knitting and crochet is quite good too:D

Are you a knitter Namaste?
I used to be and reading that has got me thinking....... there's loads of things I used to do I don't do anymore and now I have more time with only one 'child' left at home maybe it's time to pick some of them up again. After all, you can't knit and eat at the same time eh? :D
It's the day 5 update. Still feel ok, but seem to be getting pretty hungry and not even pseudo hunger, big rumbly tummy hungry BUT I've not been tempted so far.

Was really starvy marvy tonight so when hubbie came home I put out their dinner and legged it to my first ever Zumba class, yay, I'm no longer a Zumba v!rgin:banana dancer: really loved it and although my knees were a bit sore (due to the extra weight), I thought I did ok. This has given me the confidence to do the Moonwalk on Saturday night, although just going to do the 13 miles instead of the full marathon....wish me luck!

Determined not to have a sneaky peek so I'm looking forward to Sundays WI although I'm a bit bloated so don't feel as if I've lost anything, time will tell though.

Hope everyone else has had a good day x

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