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Diary of a serial dieter

Well, here I am starting a diet AGAIN. I have successfully lost in the region of 3stone 3 times before now and always put it back on. This time last year I did it with CD and am now trying again before the summer really starts.

I felt great last summer and am soooooo cross with myself that I let my 'winter' weight take hold again.

My Dad died about 6wks ago unexpectedly and I have gained about 10lbs since then, but now I am determined to get down to that great feeling I had last summer. No more comfort eating.

I am 3 days in, but have so far only managed to stick with it until I get the kids to bed and then I have snacked (mainly on carbs :(). Today is going to be different!!!

I know I have to do it and get those 3 days under my belt to get into Ketosis.

Maybe more from me later, when I am reaching for that snack cupboard I may have to come and log on for some support and encouragement.
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Aaaaaarrrrgh - I did it again, got home from collecting C. from beavers and needed to get some milk for their breakfast. Found myself drawn to a blimmming frozen pizza which I ate after kids were in bed.

I am out at the cinema tonight with a friend so hopefully they will keep me off the food and I might see my first complete day.

Time to dress and prepare for a day of work.
i think most of us on here have been serial dieters lol!!!
Lots of people have hiccups in the first few days of TS so dont get disheartened huni...Just try to draw a line under it and get back on the wagon..When ya feel a wobble coming on try and get on minimins and get reading the post and the fantastic diarys that are on here..they really are inspirational and do help when ya having a low moment xxx
Thanks Valentine, it all helps. I'm doing ok so far today, but it is always the evenings that are tough for me - once the kids are in bed there is noone to see me 'cheating'!! Anyway tonight I am out so more inclined to behave, need to get Day 1 done, then Days 2 and 3 to hit the Ketosis.


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I have found that I put the baby to bed round about 8.30ish and then will just head straight off to bed as well myself with a book or go straight onto the computer (which is upstairs and well away from the kitchen) - stops me from kitchen/fridge lurking and temptation! Once K kicks in I find it wasier to stay up a bit later and even, heaven forbid, enter the kitchen and do some dishes or something!!!!! LOL

Good luck with the rest of the day!
Good luck, I think it's harder to restart a VLCD than it is the first time because your subconscious knows what you are getting into! I keep thinking about cheating (am on Day 10 now) but because I have a goal date that isn't going to move then I have to stick to it!
Thanks to you all for your encouragement. Managed to stay away from food, but did succomb to a couple of vodkas (not in ketosis yet!) and felt yuck this morning as a consequence.

Tonight is cinema and am definately going to keep away from everything, might treat myself to a diet coke and then hopefully I will be able to say I have actually achieved Day one!

I am off to Spain in 2 wks and am desperate to make a difference before I go, I already know I am going to have to return to calorie counting for that week, but hopefully if I keep the intake low re-starting the tfr when I get back won't be so bad.

If you've identified where you fall down then try and put something in place to change that behaviour and avoid the situation.
When you've put the kids to bed maybe have a hot bath, clean you're teeth (so you don't feel like eating something else) and have an early night.
Maybe some pictures on the fridge to look at that will inspire you not to open it and scoff.
You will feel so proud of yourself if you manage to do it.

Good luck lovely x
I put the day number that i am on under a magnet on my fridge door..and the weight for that week goes on the back...at the moment its day 33 and 1310 written on it...and no one has guessed what the 1310 means lol.. keeps me motivated changing it and watching the days tick by..Also reminds me how far i have come and really puts me off opening the fridge lol xxxx good luck huni xxxx
Valentine i'm loving that idea! I may have to steal it.
Mrsb2b2012 said:
Valentine i'm loving that idea! I may have to steal it.
Me too :)
Well time for an update, I managed a full day yesterday, so if I discount Fri's alcohol I have managed 2 days (at last) and am on track for no. 3 with no problem. Woke up this morning feeling great, cinema last night kept me away from temptation, and today I have managed a great 11km walk so am feeling really pleased with myself. Think I am probably in Ketosis now because I am no longer hungry at all, have to remind myself to have my shake / bar when my tummy is rumbling!

So here's to keeping fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh-in. 4 days of false starts and 3 good ones will hopefully have had some impact and roll on a good week next week.
So here goes Monday morning check-in. Feeling really pleased with myself for achieving the 3 days and for the great weight loss (given my poor performance for the first 4 days of the week!!!). Although I have been a little bit low thinking about how much longer I am going to need to do this to get to my goal. I know I have a week off in 2wks when I go on holiday and I must must must at least stick to low cal. while I am away, really a bit worried about it.

Also I have now run out of shakes and only have 2 bars left so might be facing soup for breakfast if my new Keediet stock doesn't arrive soon! Hope I'm going to like it, I have already decided if it is horrible I will order exante for the following week as that does seem pretty popular.

One of my colleagues is away this week so I have a really busy week at work this week which will keep me distracted from food hopefully.
Why is it when we are on a diet food becomes some kind of obsession that you just can't stop thinking about. Have just sat through a meeting with a plate of biscuits and bowl of sweets sat in front of me. I normally wouldn't bother at all about them, but today.......I resisted, but I soooooo wanted one of those biscuits.

Have to keep thinking about what a sight I will be in that swimming cossie if I don't stick to this (that is if I can even get it on at the moment!)
Well an evening of running around collecting children from scouts etc. etc. meant I didn't get out of my work clothes and relax until gone 9pm, at least it kept me away from the fridge!!

My KeeDiet stuff arrived today so I tried one of the soups last night - ok, but a bit watery compared to the CD. Then I tried the porridge this morning, which was the main reason I chose this over Exante, cause I love the CD porridge - Anyway to say disappointing is an understatement, I didn't even manage to finish it.

I would probably stick with CD if it wasn't such a pain getting to my councillor, she is really helpful, but just lives too far away and my life is soooooo hectic that I never get a chance to get to her.

Full-time working single mum of 2, I'm sure a few of you can relate to that story. Tonight is one of those rare evenings when I don't have to run at least one of the children to some sport or activity......

I have a hot tub in my garden which hasn't worked for 2 years (previous owners of the house left it and I used it for one year), anyway I have finally had it fixed and it is warming up ready for a dip. Not sure if it will be warm enough by tonight, but I am really looking forward to chilling out in it after kids have gone to bed tonight if it is.
On here to try and distract me from the temptation to say 'blow it one evening off won't hurt!' Would be so easy to reach into the fridge now. I am going to get a coffee and another glass of water and try to keep my focus.

I have just tried the Keediet Cottage Pie and it was ok, strange texture and not really anything like cottage pie, but nice to be 'eating' something rather than drinking

Am doing a presentation to a load of primary school kids tomorrow about what I do for work so really need to prepare that tonight (hopefully keep my mind off food)!


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CD porridge - bleurgh!! My CDC was miles away and I used to drive over an hour to get to her until I realised just how ridiculous that was!!!

Hot tub - lucky you, can I come over?? ;)

Good luck with the presentation xx
Funny how we all like different things, I really liked CD porridge, but this Keediet one is truly eeeurgh, don't think I can face another one to be honest.

Had banana shake this morning which was ok (particularly as I don't really like banana), but have used an old CD bar for my lunch.

The presentation went ok, kids were lovely and most of them paid attention thankfully.

Didn't get time to use the hot-tub last night and tonight my boy has a cricket match so it will be another late one meaning less 'me' time so probably won't get to use it again....

Took a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and another pound and a half down so thinking my target of getting below 11st before my hols in Spain might be realistic. Wish I could manage under 10, but that would need a miracle in 2 weeks......
And another morning to be cross with myself, didn't get home from cricket match until nearly 9pm and was starving so reached into the fridge for a packet of mattesons chicken snack thingys (couldn't be bothered with my soup and figured I would at least stay in ketosis as these are high protein and low carb, also fairly low cal.)

However it all then went horribly wrong when I went to my book club (just an excuse for 12 ladies to get together and drink wine and chat ecery 6wks or so) and I succumbed to the temptation of a glass of red, followed by 2 more!!!! Then when I got home decided i needed something to 'soak' up the wine and ate 2 chocolates. Whhhhhyyyyyyy???

I feel ok this morning and am putting off my first shake as late as possible, just annoyed at myself.

Anyway today is another day and I have no excuse for failing today or tomorrow, unfortunately I have a social evening with food at the Dog racing on saturday so not sure how I will fare through that :-(