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Hi there,

I thought I would have a go at starting a diary, my mini goal will be to remember to write it every day! Sorry if it gets boring, my life aint all that exciting!

Today is Monday 17th Jan and this is my day 3 on the LL diet.

I got up this morning with a real acidy stomach and acid reflux burps. Was hoping that this might be a sign im going into ketosis, but the fact ive been STARVING this afternoon makes me think not :sigh:. Tomorrow is my ketosis day, it is! (if i say that will i mentally make it happen? worth a try eh?).

Today so far I have had half strawberry, half vanilla shake. A porridge at lunch time, then at 3.30 i had my other half of the vanilla shake hot with coffee! I am starving again and already planning my next pack lol i think im going to have a soup and then my other half a pack later.

So far the only pack om not keen on is the vanilla on its own, but its nice mixed with other stuff.

I didn't sleep too good last night so after one born every minute (i am training to become, eventually, a midwife :D) I will be having an early night!

Tomorrow night I have got a meeting in a pub, I am hoping no one questions the soda water!!!

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!!

Lucie xxx
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Hi Lucie :)
You'll be in ketosis by tomorrow, no doubt!
And yes! You can do this! :)


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Tuesday 18th jan day 4

I think i might be in ketosis!! :confused::confused: I dont feel half as hungry today as previous days and I dont feel as foggy headed or tired! I have had a massive headache all day though but i think that might be related to the toothache ive got?

So far I have had a banana shake this morning and a strawberry shake about an hour ago.

I am going to a meeting in a pub tonight so im going to have another pack before I go in case the food smells nice lol.

I have found im not thinking about food so much today, ive even made my hubby and son lunch! :D although it did feel a bit like putting a bag of heroin in an adicts hand then taking it away & giving it to someone else lol iyswim?

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this

Lucie :p


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Hi Lucie, You're doing brilliantly. Update us on how the meeting goes in the pub tonight :p

Have a lovely day xx


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Awesome news Lucie, hope the meeting in the pub went well and the toothache resolves itself soon!!