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Total Solution Diary of Looser Laura!

Decided to start a diary like other folks on the forum to record how I feel and how I am doing for a bit of motivation.

I have tried every diet under the sun!

Recently just come off of weight watchers and I cheated so much I actually weigh more then when I started! Not good!

I used to have so much willpower! Have always struggled with my weight since early years of secondary school. Lost about 3 stone on slimming world when I was a teen and was a comfortable size 10 at 9 stone for 4-5 years...........

Then I met my partner and got comfortable and now I am an uncomfortable size 14 at 12 stone 8.

Got my summer clothes out the other day and NONE of them fitted me..... was the wake up call I needed.

Ordered my packs at the weekend and hope to get them tomorrow so I can get started and get rid of the excess baggage. I have followed a VLCD before so I know what I am letting myself in for.

I am a terrible comfort eater and need to face up to this. Am going to read the Beck book along the way which I seen suggested in someone else's diary.

Enough is enough! I WILL SUCCEED :)
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Well today is day 1.... Shakes have just arrived and have had the strawberry one. Tastes rather nice! Work in an office full of blokes so have told them they are vitamin shakes as don't want to explain myself! Have drank a litre of water already and been to the lav about 5 times already!


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Good luck Hun xxx

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Lav trips are the best - I seem to spend more time there than in my office at the moment! Best of luck with your journey!
good luck laura your story sounds just like me. chazsucks thats fantastic weight loss is that using evante?i was going to try lipotrim but its very expensive so thought about doing evante but had,t seen anybody with big weight losses like yours well done
I looked at Lipotrim but I didn't want to go and get weighed by pharmacy so decided to do Exante and for the price I think its really good. I enquired about Cambridge and that was about £40 a week if you were on 3 shakes a day. So I brought the bumper shakes pack online and its work out £25 a week. I would norm spend £50 a week on food for me and my partner so didn't think was too bad!
you would probably be the same as me not allowed to do lipotrim cause we,re not obese i want to lose about 21lbs why is it so hard!
Start of day 2. Made sure I had a shake just before I went to bed so I wasn't hungry last night. Woke up feeling ok. Having a green tea before work. Will have my first shake at lunch time. Don't feel hungry at all at the moment. Lets hope for an easy day...............
Good luck laura!! Well done on a great first day. Let's hope this continues for the rest of the week and remember your water!
Day 3....

Don't feel too bad. Belly is gurgling away. Was really hungry last night in bed but have woke up this morning and hunger has gone. I feel a bit lighter already. Want to have a sneaky peek at the scales but I have got my boyfriend to hide them so I can't!!
Day 4...

Feel pretty pants today. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick. Was really hungry this morning so had half a shake as don't normally have my first one until lunch time. When did people start to feel the hungry disappear? I wasnt hungry day 1 - 2 its just yesterday and this morning.



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