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Did anyone watch half Ton Son on Channel 4?

No i didnt, how old was he?
What happend???
Yes i did, how awfull for him he was so sad, his mum was killing him with kindness! (or not!!) how awfull that she couldnt stop herself, and that he didnt want her to stop. He couldnt even wash himself, he must of been so embarrassed for his mum to have to do everything for him at such a young age.
I think that it is a needy thing sometimes...maybe she wanted her son to need her??
I think she did, she wanted him to stay a baby forever! she spoke to him like a child all the time. She just wanted to be needed so bad,
Thats such a shame...what happend with her son???

we were all discussing this at work today. I think its disgusting how he ended up. Letting your son get into such a sad state is just abuse, not love. SOmeone should have stepped in and never let it get as far as it did. It was very sad to watch.
So no-one stepped in and helped him...they have just left him to die?
Thats mad that you would let your child get like that...nevermind actually helping them doing it.
Well at least he finally got it :)
I watched it channel 4 online. The mother was totally the problem. She was so selfish, all about her and how she needed to be needed. And she was killing him. Grrr she made me so mad!!!
People cant see that they are hurting people by feeding them...even if its what they keep asking for.
Well hate mail i wouldnt agree with, because i mean she is only hurting herself and her son...not viewers...
I do think that programmes like that do help. lol

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