Did you tell the people around you?


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Okay, I've had one of those moments where a thought pops into my head and I can't get it out.....hence why I'm not sleeping when I should have been long ago.

Did you all let people around you know you were doing LL? Or did you just wait untill it kind of cropped up and the right moment arrived?

There reason I ask is.. (and I apologise now, because I feel like a ramble coming on!)

I have an awards dinner on 15th Jan with my work department. This will the my one week on LL. I am doing this diet 100%, but I've realised I am ashamed to tell people I am doing this. I don't know why, and it's making me feel so angry at myself for feeling like this but I can't help it.

The idea of going in and explaining that I won't be eating the meal actually feels me with dread. Will they think I'm being stupid, or this is a ridiculous thing to do. What will they say when I walk away, what will they think. Would it be easier just to pull out of the event?

I shouldn't be so worried about others but I am. Like I said, I'm angry I do feel like this.. iI just don't actually know what to do about this situation right at this moment.

How did people react when/if you told them?

Did any of you have any similar situations and how did you deal?

Sorry - ridiculous night panic!
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S: 13st9lb C: 8st2lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 5st7lb(40.31%)
Oh I want to clarify I am not ashamed to be doing LL, not one bit. I know this is right for me, and I know I may have thought negative things about LL before but now I know it is what I (ME, ME, ME) need.

It's just the shame at MYSELF when telling people.

I don't know if I could take 10 other people around a table giving me those looks that they don't mean to give that make me feel ..well ashamed of me..
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I know exactly how you feel hon.

WHen I started LL, I only told my manager so she would be aware in case I felt poorly, and I told one close friend at work. And thats IT. In the work place. Obviouisly mu husband knew and I told my in-laws as we go over often for visits and meals, so they had to know.

Other then that I told no one, for many of the reasons you mentioned: fear of what they would think; constant scrutiny; embarassment, and mostly for not wanting to draw atrtention the the fact that I was fat and HAD to do a diet of this nature.

THen when it became blindingly obvious - by then I was so embedded in the diet I could quite easily talk about it with ANYONE. lol

But inititally I kept it very private.

For your works do, you could tell them you have a funny tummy - or a toothache. I would tend to do something like that otherwise it may be the topic of the nights conversation, with a captured audience, drawing a lot of attention which would have filled me with dread to.

Or, simply pull out.

If I knew on day one, that I was going to be successful I think now I would have told everyone just so now I could tell the nay-sayers : SEE...I did it!! hehehe BUt seriously though - I am glad I did not have a lot of eyes watching me and questioning me in the beginning.

But we are all different - do what feels right for you. :)


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I totally understand how you are feeling.I felt so ashamed that I had put on so much weight. Telling people about LL made me feel, like BL said, I was drawing attention to the fact I had got fat.

I decided that I was only telling people who needed to know. I told 4 people, My Mum, My cousin, My OH and My best friend. That is it!! I decided if there was meals out that I just wouldn't go, just because I didn't feel ready to face the questions and all the scrutiny of people.

Anyway this is me in week 9 and people have really started to notice the change in me. So I have felt ready to tell people what I am doing. To be honest people are really interested in it and not negative like I expected.

Do whatever feels right for you. I think when people see how well and how happy you are, they cant really say much and if someone does say something negative about LL then it wont matter because you will have the confidence in it. I find mostly negative comments come from those who are jealous or scared you will be thinner than them! So silly!

Good Luck
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Ok, I went the opposite way and told EVERYONE that would listen that I was starting. I had about 3/4 weeks before my start date and I took the opportunity to tell everyone!! There were a few people that found it a bit odd, and one of my girlfriends got very huffy because I'd possibly end up slimmer than her, lol.

I did this because that way I'd feel more pressure to keep going, and not give up. People were really interested - genuinely impressed by what I was going to undertake - and as I've seem them throughout the diet, they have made me feel brilliant by telling me how proud they are etc.

It is tricky in situations like your work event. I had a 21st birthday to go to in my first week, and a wedding in week two. I have been a bit of a wimp and completely ducked out of anything that involves food - at the wedding, I left and asked my friend to text me when the speeches were about to start - I went and sat in my car, put on music and ate my bar... when someone walked past I just pretended I was on a phone call.

Good luck with the meal - once you've come through it unscathed (which you will!), you will feel so so good, and be on a real high that you got through it - it's a tough challenge, but makes us stronger.

Anna x


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I didn't tell anyone until this past weekend when I told my in-laws (by now the whole bloody family will know grr) anyway I only told them because we were staying with them for a few days and i had to. I have the same issues with it as most of the other people on here, I'm ashamed I let it get so far BUT sod em it's my choice and at least I'm trying!

Emma xXx
ive told alot of people, for the reason it will make me look stupid if i pull out or fail! mainly people that i see most days, like my family even some of the mums at the kids school.

there is however a group of friends that i havnt told and wont tell, because i know that they will tell me not to, and keep on at me thats its wrong etc!!!!!!!! to be honest none of my family want me to do it, im getting the whole "surely its not healthy" and "theres nothing worng with you as you are" rubbish at the mo!!!! but it just pushes me on even more, because in 6 months from now i want them at all say yeah you were right it really was worth it!!!!!!


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I haven't necessarily annouced it to everyone, but if it crops up, I just tell them I'm on a diet. If they ask more, I tell them, if not, then it's just "Beki's on a diet". But tbh, most of the people I know all know that "Beki doesn't eat" now!! And it does make it easier! For my works party, they got a discount of 80% for me because I wasn't eating and the venue offered to cook me my soup so I don't sit there feeling left out!! At first, I ran into a few hostile comments(especially my housemates), but now, everyone has just accepted that this is the way we live now!!

B x