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Did you watch channel4 last night? ( Crash Dieting!)


Was not really negative,but the Cambridge C,was not brill!
Quote "if your going to pass wind go to the toilet first" to her client!
Would you say sound advice ladies? Lol
Sexy xx
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I think they will really love the counselling


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The girl doing CD posts on the CD board, she was beside herself worrying how the show was going to portray her - when she found out what they were calling it she wanted to pull out but they wouldn't let her. She got roped in to do the pilot, never to be seen by the viewing public, the show was originally supposed to go out next summer but it got brought forward and they needed to use the pilot people as they had a longer time span of footage of their diets. They twisted her arm to do it. I have to say though that I though she came across really well. Sensible and honest bless her.
Looking forward to next week - LL and Dukan. Should be interesting!


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I have it sky plused so shall watch over the next fews days. My LLC told us about this show last night and she said that the woman who tried LL gave it quite a positive review. I'm ooking forward to watching it now.

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Ooh, wanted to see that last night, forgot! It's not available on 4oD yet, but it says it's 'coming soon'... so will look our for it to be available, and catch it on there...

Next week will defo be interesting... :)

I was seriously unimpressed with the CD counsellor! You'd think that if you knew you were being filmed you would put some extra effort into offering some proper emotional support rather than just telling your client to avoid having an accident in her pants! I'll be watching next wek about LL for sure.
yes, the CD counsellor was awful! Didn't really have anything positive to say.
Think it's an interesting series, especially with a Doctor saying that some VLCD are actually a good idea!


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I'm looking forward to seeing lighter life reviews!.....

I have tried the lemonade diet.... its awful! I really couldnt get on with the taste and the stomach aches were too much to bare!
I've read that people do it for weeks i managed one but didnt get on with it! I suppose everyones different!


yep watched it too and enjoyed it, agree the CD counsellor was awful
looking forward to seeing next weeks too should be interesting

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Just watched it on 4oD myself...

Hmm, yes, the CD councillor was not a good advert! Lol... Although the girl doing CD was great... came across really well, and I really felt for her... :)

I was not at all keen on the the 'diet doctor', Anu Bhatia though... She was carrying a little extra weight herself tbh, although yes, she might still be very healthy... but she had a bit of a nerve, poking and prodding people, and was being unnecessarily blunt. Verged on rudeness... telling a women who'd been successful on previous diets, that she hadn't coz she's put it back on!! Ok, so she's not been successful in keeping it off, but she had done very well at losing it, so she was wrong!... seriously! Annoyed me!

...and she kept turning her head to the left, the right, the left, the right... the whole time she's talking to camera... Grrrrrr!! She wound me up!! Lol...

/and breathe. ;)

Interesting programme though...

I'll be watching it tonight! Should be interesting.


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AND she's contradicting herself all the time!
Her statement about eating late at night is incorrect!!!

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ahh, validated! Yessss! Lol... Cheers mags...

Oh, and totally! I don't know where they found her... But I'd imagine most of the people on this forum know more about dieting than her!!



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LOL i don't know where they found her but she needs her eyebrows sorted! (sorry but i couldn't resist! They're painful to look at! ;))
Really bad news for CD people though huh? NOT a good advertisement!

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