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Did your CDC take your measurements?

My first meeting was with a stand on as she was on holiday. I dont think she was qualified as a CDC but she might of been.

She took my weight and waist measurement, although it was kind of awkward as she didnt really take the correct measurement, as it kind of went over my belly. I dont have my own tape measure to compare but it certainly isnt what it was measured at due to clothes.

I have my first meeting with her next week and may start to ask her?

I was wondering if your CDC measures the 5 things in the card, hips, thighs, waist arms and chest?

PS: Do guys have hips? :eek:
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My CDC measured my bust, under bust, waist, hips and arm. I suppose they are all different but you could ask her to do it next time.


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Mine measured my waist & told me to do the rest, which I'm glad of, lol. :D
I guess it doesn't matter too much where she measure so long as she's consistent with it, i.e. measures in the same place when you go back.

Yup guys have hips (lol!) but they just don't put fat deposits there as readily as us poor ladies.

I think I read somewhere that the point of fat deposits in female hips is to allow them to carry babies on their hips with one arm, evolutionarily speaking...maybe with emancipation and paternity leave on its way, men will evolve some too! :D



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Mine didn't bother - I won't ask this late in the game but won't be recommending her when I look fab either!!!
My first one took my waist, chest, arm, thigh... and then did it every time I lost a stone.

My current one just did my waist. To be honest I'm not that fussed about loads of measurements, just knowing one will be nice :)
Mine didn't feel quite sad now as I can feel a slight change but would be nice to know if I've lost inches when my weight loss is low :(


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The official waist measurement is around your belly button!!. As a very large lady, my belly button was nowhere near my waist!! Needless to say, it is returning, albeit slowly to where it was meant to be.LOL

I just make sure my CDC measures in the same place every time!!


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Mine did waist, hips, thigh, upper arm and bust. Your waist will be a lot higher up than you actually think. My OH protested when I told him his waist is actually where his belly button is!!
Mine has measured thigh, arm, waist and bust too. Is really good as although I only lost a pound this week I had lost nearly four inches. This softened the blow a little and will help to keep me motivated.
I cant believe he lost them!! Mine always gives me a copy and holds onto a copy herself so we can both keep track.

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