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didnt reach target but im finished-photos


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ok so i havent got to my target which was 8 stone but i got to 8 and a half and people keep saying i look really slim so i thought id start re feed

i have my sisters birthday party coming up soon so bought a dress yesterday, have taken a photo (hair a mess, no make up or tan so look a bit scruffy!) also a pic from behind (worst part of my body that i hate!)
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wowser! wowser! wowser!!!! That gives meaning to the phrase "little black number!". Hun you look amazing!!!!! I honestly think you look perfect now! You don't want to lose every ounze of curves that you have! Well done you! Enjoy the refeed and the skinny feeling.


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thank u hun, was goin to wait to take a photo when i have hair done, tasn and make up on etc but needed to see what it looked like. I am looking for before pics but I hated photos but i did find these ones so u can see the difference in my face

the black and white one is of me and my friend and the reason i have kept it i because my friend in the photo sadly passed away last year of SADS and te colour one is a recent one on a night out



Don't worry, be happy :)
omg you look fantastic now! That little black dress is stunning on you, what a cracking figure you have. Well done girly you should be so proud of yourself.:D


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thanks! OMG i just found a really really awful photo of me before

heres some more before and after, i didnt realise just how different i look! (i had my hair cut short last week thts why its short and long in some photos)

the first photo is me at my heaviest (10st 11)


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well i think you look amazing..congratulations on how well youve done (and yes there certainly is a difference in your before and after pics)



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Jeez- your start weight is nearly my target!!! I couldn't ever picture myself at 8 1/2stone!!
Well done!!


Slowly but surely!
Well done, you look fantastic, will keep us lot going for sure! :)


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Well done you look fab! Enjoy your refeed :) i was considering reefeding from today but Ive changed my mind now I want to look like you hehe so THANKS for a boot up the bum! xx


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thank u everyone! i have never seen that first picture of myself before, i found it on my cousins facebook photo, i cant believe how different i looked then


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You look really great now. I wouldn't lose anymore cos you've got great curves and would be great to keep those. Well done you. You look fantastic.


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WOW hun, you look fantastic. Well done!!!
You look stunning!!! Treat yourself to some professional photos and stand back and admire.........!!!!!


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I can't believe the difference it has made - you look great - and totally different!
If this isn't motivation for the rest of us I don't know what is...well done and good luck on the refeed x


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Congrats hunni! You've done fantastically well! xx


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Wow.. 8 and a half stone is incredable :D


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thank u! i was a bit dissapointed in giving up and no reaching my target of 8 stone but now i look back to how i was before i feel great!