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Discussion in 'Diet Chef' started by DeliciousBoo, 23 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    Hiya folks :wavey:

    I have five stone to lose and after reading some fantastic reviews I have decided to use Diet Chef to shift the weight.
    I have ordered 4 weeks supply and hopefully the boxes will be here by Wednesday.
    I am going to try and follow a similar plan up until my order arrives as there is no time like the present to start losing weight.

    I am keeping a diary on here to track my progress, winge when I am feeling down and hopefully chat to you fellow DCers.

    Looking forward to sheding the pounds with you all.

    Love Boo x x
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  3. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    Day One

    B/fast: small portion of oats, sunflower seeds, 0.5 tsp sugar, semi-skimmed milk porridge.
    Lunch: low carb choc shake, large apple.
    Tea: WW lasagne, green beans, broad beans and winter greens.
    Snacks: two oat cakes, banana, green grapes.

    Drinks: 4 pints water, 4 cups of weak tea (no sugar)

    Exercise: 60 min walk & 15 min toning DVD

    I will let you know how I get on. :)
  4. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    Hey, i just started Diet chef today after monumentally failing the W8 diet.

    keep me posted as to how you're getting on.

    I had granola for breakfast which was really nice, and the pea and ham soup for lunch which was okay, also had my oat bakes snack there cos i was pretty hungry, they were quite nice as well. The food on this diet seems okay so far, i think it's all things i could make by myself though.

    Good luck!

  5. itsy


    Hi Delicious Boo, Jenny Piccolo

    Welcome to the best diet ever, foods good what more can u want....:D
    started september and lost nearly 2st.
    3lb to go, im sure you'll do well....
    itsy x
  6. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    Just had meatballs for my tea! they were lovely. Wish you could have a bit more fruit though.
  7. shep

    shep Silver Member

    Hello there DeliciousBoo, welcome to the diet, I see we are about the same weight, but unlike you I need to get my mojo back, can't seem to get my head back into the diet. Hopefully will do and we can keep in touch with out weight losses.

    Good luck on this journey.

    JennyPiccolo as long as you count the calories and don't go over your limit I dont think adding an extra fruit does much harm, its when you add things that are not good (the odd chocolate bar lol) Good luck
    Last edited: 24 November 2009
  8. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    Thanks for all the well wishes ladies....well done on your fab losses so far. x x
    I hope you find your mojo very soon Shep.

    I received my months supply of DietChef today. I am starting with the 1500 plan for the first two stone...hope I get the good results like you guys.

    So I am starting offically tomorrow, I plan to have:

    B/Fast: pecan granola
    Lunch: Pea & ham soup
    Tea: mushroom stroganoff and three veg
    Snacks: cafe latte shake, two oat biscuits and a small, fresh fruit salad.
  9. shep

    shep Silver Member

    Well if you want a partner I'll join yer, got to start so will do today, gonna have a porridge to start me off topped with 1/2 banana, lunch will be tomatoe soup with other half of nana for afters, dinner will have to be decided nearer the time but I can hear the sauasage casserole calling me, with caul, brocolli and green beans.

    Thats the plan :D
  10. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    sausage casserole was mega nice, wish i'd ordered more. The chicken's a bit minging in the curries, the sauces are nice though. Might just stick the sauce over some veggies next time.

    Was out working all day so had a salad for lunch instead of my soup, but i think that'll be okay. Was starving when i got in though!

    Also weighed myself last night and i think ive lost a couple of pounds (Hadn't weighed myself before i started though, so that was silly) I was lighter than expected though so im chuffed.

  11. Setas

    Setas Silver Member

    Good Luck Jenny - the sausage casserole is one of my favs
  12. shep

    shep Silver Member

    I found the chicken a bit dry so I added some extra water, it mite help.
  13. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    just ate a paella for my tea and i feel like im going to hurl. Proper feeling nauseous, is this normal ??!
  14. shep

    shep Silver Member

    Hello there, not had that feeling, but do feel bloated afterwards, just assume stomach is getting used to portion sizes.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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