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Diet Clubs


More dreaded food questions!! Re-feed next Wed, which I plan to do for about 2 weeks.

Going to join Rosemary Conley. How soon after re-feed can I start adopting their plan? Straight after, or do I have to do the Maintance Plan for awhile first?
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If you're doing 2wks re-feed I wouldn't bother with the maintenence? In my opinion it's a money-scam and after re-feed you should be eating 'normal' foods anyway?
Rosemary Conley is a great plan- good basic idea (i.e. no faffing around with points/re & green days etc.) and exercise included. I've never done it but get the magazine for inspiration in my 'dark' moments!
That's great, thank you for that. Still not 100% how long I will be re-feeding for, maybe longer than 2wks, not sure due to the amount lost, but definately no shorter than 2 wks.

I know SW/WW are the popular choice (everyone at work does them), picked RC, like u say due to the excercise included, and there is a club next door to where I live. So hopefully I have made the right choice.

Will still have a couple more lbs to lose when I come off LT (would love to have stayed on but everyone has said I have lost enough, so to keep them happy, will lose the rest by healthy eating/excercise), then hopefully maintaining!! Sounds easy writing it, just hope I can put my plan into action!!


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Ditto what Irishmum says.....if you have re-fed then you can go onto RC plan. I did that a few years ago...I love the program because she incorporates exercise and it is so easy to follow too.

The woman that did my class has gone now and the nearest class is just too far to get to, or I would be joining too...

good luck with refeed.
Thank you very much, it has all been so confusing!! Starting to look forward to it now, getting back into the normal world of eating, minus the bad habits hopefully!! Still nervous, bit I determined not to waste all this hard work

There has been several b'days at work, and everyone has bought in cake and biccies, am not even tempted to have one whatsoever, whether its because I am on the shakes or not I dont know, just hope I have this frame of mind once I started food again!


Life is not a Rehersal!
It is a bit daunting to start with but just keep popping on here to get some support...

Good on you for keeping strong, but I must admit it does seem easier when you are on the shakes...once you start to eat, your world opens up a little and the hard work begins, BUT, you have the right frame of mind saying you dont want to waste all your hard work.

Just keep focussed and if you do have a blip, then just get back on to healthy eating the next day. I have had a few bad single days, but, thankfully have been able to get back to eating decent again afterwards.

Good luck, but I am sure you will be ok....