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Diet magazine

I love buying diet magazines to read about inspirational stories, slimming clothes, exercise tips etc.

Went to buy one today called Diet Now and the woman behind the counter said in a very surprised voice,

"This is diet now, are you sure you didn't want 'now' magazine and picked this up by mistake"

Told her I hadn't, but walked away thinking 'maybe she thought I didn't need to diet!'

Possibly others have made that mistake and that's why she mentioned it, but possibly not!

Does anyone else read diet mags?
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I always buy OK and read the middle section, which always has celeb weight loss tips and stuff, other than that I do tend to buy the Lighter Life mags coz thats as close to CD as you can get. I'm always looking for a bit of inspiration.
I know its sad but i love to read healthy recipes- Its like I am excited to retrain myself to fall in love with healthy food- I like looking at all the exciting ways healthy food can be cooked and prepared.


Skinny girl in a fat body
My favourite mag is Top Sante. It's a mixture of health, fitness, recipies - everything. It's great
I'm obsessed with magazines, I always have been but since starting CD I usually buy 4/5 a week when at work instead of buying lunch. I love reading the weightloss articles. I wish CD would do a magazine, LL does one, WW & SW do so why not CD?
Oh thats great, i've also been wondering why CD don't have a magazine, i'll have to try and order one!
I love any magazines, diet, gossip, you name it. Reading about anyone whose lost weight and how great they feel puts me in the right frame of mind everytime. Me and my friend usually buy magazines and then swap them, they are not cheap!!!
The new Inspiration Magazine (Summer Editition) is now available and its the best so far. Really full of stories and some great tips for holidays etc,

This hit the mats today so should be available from your CDC's next week. They will have to order them with their next order so some will get them quicker than others.

Cost of Magazine £1 only from your CDC.


Slimming down the aisle
It's a really good magazine actually! It only costs £1, though my CDC just lends me hers. I'd happily buy it though!! I'm seeing my CDC tonight and will ask her if I can get the summer one which has just come out.


Mad as a Hatter
Just sent my CDC a text asking her to order me one with her next order... Is the LL magazine good then ? My local newsagent stocks it but I haven't had a look at it..



Skinny girl in a fat body
I buy the LL one. I think it cost £2.80 (?). Its good, better than the CD one in my opinion, but certianly not worth the money.


Slimming down the aisle
I asked my CD yesterday to order me one. I like it personally.

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