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difficult day tomorrow

Not for any other reason that I have to leave really early for a trip which is a 2.5 hr drive... I am then going to be sat in a meeting for a couple of hours before the same journey back again....

I have a week bladder:eek: so no way I will be able to drink a lot enroute as I will have to stop every few miles for a wee, and won't be able to leave the meeting to relieve myself either....

I am going to take a tetra with me and have that before my return journey but just not sure when I am going to get my water in...

How do others cope with travelling?

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this is a hard one as i hate going on long journeys for that veyr reason not knowing when the next toilet trip will be, - i know it's not advisable but make up for it when home and have to get up during the night but if not an every day thing, i never drink more than a pint at a time though,

wishing you luck hoping your be so busy with your meeting and enjoy listenng to music on the long drive it will keep you strong till your home !


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I was in London for work the other day.. Went 9 hours without anything then thought I was going to pass out.. Folded and had a chicken salad sandwich on the train back. All because I was ill prepared. So my advice is take tetras and bars!

I'm back on it now no worries but it was so annoying as the sandwich was minging too!!


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Hey Tilly...
Its a hard one...... I was going to say try and have some before you leave and then when you get home. But.. if your leaving early it will be hard.. Just have a bottle on the way and then one in the car one when your there and then try and have the rest in the evening..

Dont worry to much hon .. some days are harder than others.

Yes, am not worried at all about the temptation to eat, I never have my first meal until 12:30 anyway, but I have been retaining water and the last few days have upped my water and things have been moving so wanted to keep this up, especdially with my weigh in on Tuesday AM. (its been totm too so am expecting a poor loss)
I think I will sip a 500ml bootle on way there, have another there along with a tetra and have one on the way back, it doesnt matter if i have to stop on the way back as there is no hurry home. I should be alright as long as I can manage the minimum of 2.5 l just this once.

Am meeting with the principal at my daughters school, I have had to wait a while for the appointment do don't want to waste the time I have. It's a long journey to get there and thus my wobble.
I am feeling better now, its just a little break in routine but IU will be ok....
Am jsut really looking forward to my weigh in which is now on Tuesday instead of tomorrow.



can see the end in sight!
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It's the break from routine that's a killer, but you will be fine :) good luck! X
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Hope you manage OK today :) I have a weak bladder too-I often go to the toilet 3 or 4 times when my friend goes once(we're both on CD).She laughs at me but what can I do?
Bung a super size tena lady in your pants just in case!

Sorry, haven't got any helpful suggestions to make, but good luck with the journey & hope the meeting goes okay
hehe lilac....
Maybe i do anyway!!!!

Ok folks the wanderer returned and it was fine!!!!

As said above it was the break in routine I think that was worrying me, everytime I have been there I have stopped off in town, done someshopping and had lunch, so I decided to change the whole routine. I stayed at the school after the meeting for an hour and chatted to some of the staff in the living area... One asked me to saty for lunch but I told them I was fasting for health reasons (seemed like a good thing to say at the time!)
In the end I managed 1.5 litres over the morning, but was very thristy on way back so downed some water... which left me dying for a wee for the last 30mins of the journey :)
I now feel relieved and in a daft sort of way, proud of myself, it's like yet another milestone.... some thing else I would have turned into an opportunity to eat. Staying strong just gives such an almighty buzz!
My daughter said to me... ooo mummy you are so strong... but you know, i don't feel strong... I just know that this time is my time... All the other times I have fallen because I just wasn't in the right place.
So upwards.... and onwards.... or should that be downwards and onwards ??? :)
Am now looking forward to me weigh in tomorrow even though my tummy feels very bloated still....
(got my size 18's on though!!) :)



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well done on getting through a challenging day.

and! well done on being in the size 18's! flipping marvellous darling!!


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Well done on getting through the day successfully :)

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