dilema.... wat to take to cinema for treatsd!


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I'd say nothing..... lol just have a diet coke!!!! :) x


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I've been known to take grapes, melon (prepacked & cubed), apple slices (packets), muller lights (sitting there, in the dark peeling off the lid wondering if anyone has spotted me:8855:) and lots of diet coke.


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I normally take grapes as said above, they really hit the spot while watching a film.

Last time though i opted for strawberries to see Kung Fu Panda, a little boy behind me very loudly said "why is she eating strawberries mum?", i went as red as one i can tell you!!

Those rainbow drops are low in syns and great to take too, it's almost like eating popcorn. Or make your own pick and mix with marshmallows and foam bananas and other low syn sweets even if you only have a tiny amount with your fruit you won't feel like you are missing out then.

Hope you enjoy the film, i wat to go see that but my mates are skint and my boyfriend won't go, tut!! lol


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I can't go to the cinema and not have popcorn...so I stay in and wait til out on dvd where I am more in control lol


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If i take my son i normally just have a diet coke, but i have discovered haribo lights, they are just fruity gums and they are 1 syn for 3 x


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grapes or other fruit