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Dilemma - When should I start?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Taz, 31 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I took a long break from SW as I got too complacent on it and the weight wasn't shifting as I wasn't doing it properly so I went onto Slimfast for a few months for a break. Which worked.

    Now here's my dilemma:

    I am ready to go back on SW and am really looking forward to doing it again. I have used up all my Slimfast stuff and will be restocking my cupboards with free food but WI is on Wednesday and I don't know how changing part way through the week will affect the WI. I think I put on a couple of pounds anyway cus I had a party at the weekend so should I wait til after WI to change or change now?
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  3. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    If I were you Id change now - if you're 'in the zone' then Id say theirs no better time! - Obv thats not a scientific reason for starting now cos Im no good with stuff like that! xxx
  4. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Ha ha thanks Rainbow. I have just got back from Asda with loads of free food and am prepared for the scales to be unfavourable. It's probably not the best time to do it but as you say, I am 'in the zone' and I don't want to risk leaving the zone by thursday! Thanks
  5. RUTHYJ357

    RUTHYJ357 Gold Member

    Hun i think you should start now whilst your head is focused etc.

    I know you will be fine sweety.....

    Now get to it lol

    Ruthy xxx
  6. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I have just prepared my food to take into work tomorrow. I have got some pasta with italian herbs, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, pickled onions, fruit salad and a low sugar jelly. I will have grapefruit and a Muller light for breakfast and hopefully that will be enough!
  7. annettej

    annettej Full Member

    Well you're certainly well prepared and organised, which is more than I can say about myself!!

    Good luck and may the weight fall off you!

    Annette x
  8. RUTHYJ357

    RUTHYJ357 Gold Member

    Sounds good to me
    Good luck.........not that you need it.;)
    Ruthy xxx

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