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Dinner portion sizes


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It's not just you hun, I look and think I'd eat twice as much as some people eat! Especially with veg and salad, I eat it by the bucket load.
I have cut down a bit on pasta/rice/pots but only because I want to drop a few pounds below my target.
However, I'll join you in being a big bear when it comes to meals :)

Becca Wecca

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I still have big portion sizes. Don't think i've cut down since starting the diet, and still have a massive appetite!! x

Maybe i'm just a greedy cow?! lol.


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Very true Heather!!!

Big portions rule - I've always always said that it's not the free food which makes you gain weight, no matter how much you eat - it's the other things!


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Exactly JL!!! Surely the whole concept of SW and food optimising is that you make sure you're full and satisfied by all the free/superfree foods so that you don't NEED the naughtier things, you just have small amounts of them so you don't feel deprived!! I wonder if some people who constantly hanker for the naughties are feeling this way because they're simply not eating enough free stuff!!X


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Another vote for big portions here too :D

In all honesty, the weeks I have eaten lots (on plan), with loads of snacks, I have had some of my best weightlosses. The key is to have lots and lots of superfree food, and then lots of free food!


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The other thing to consider is if i put my portions on a huge dinner plate they look small, put them on a smaller one and they look big !! Most people eat the same weight in food on a daily basis so although the portions look small we have only seen a snapshot of their day x


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I eat tons but cutting down on portion sizes an weighing things like carbs has helped a great deal. Also being careful with products like pasta and sauce and alternatively making my on pasta and sauce with veggies :)


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I always fill my plate, but must admit that I have cut down on my carbs, in comparison to what I was eating before, and I did have massive carb portions before, hence my extra weight lol...I fill my plate with more superfree foods now.

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