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Disastorous shopping trip :-(

:sigh: Well, after feeling so ace yesterday, it all ended pretty badly!

My knee high boots - which I have fallen deeply in love with over the past 24 hrs - are too big!!
Had a 6 on the box but were actually 9's. Went back today and they didn't have my size, nor did any local store or even on-line :-(

My funky little skirt, was somehow way too big (and still had the tag attached?!?!) and when I went back, they had no smaller sizes!.

Gutted - there goes my new outfits.

I'd got the boots from Evans - really comfy, as apparently their calf sizes are bigger (they were actually a little too big)and they had a sale on, so I'd got knee high's for £32!! So, not only can I get another pair for that price, I can't get them over my big tree trunks :cry:

Sorry for the moan, feeling sorry for myself...

...and DH left cooked sausages on the side - picked them up twice and ALMOST eaten them - but haven't :sigh:
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Aww Trixie, I can imagine how disappointing and frustrating that must be but hey, turn this around, why did you have to take these items back, because there were too BIG!!! \o/ Maybe you could have a look at some places online that offer next day delivery, it'll be like Christmas all over again when a new bundle of gorgeous clothes arrive in the post.

Well done on resisting those sausages, to actually have them in your hand and put them back down again is a phenomenal achievement, congratulations! Hope you gave DH a telling off for leaving them where you could be tempted hehe
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well done for not eating them sausages isnt food always dere wen you feel crap haha! Its like it moves itself to tempt you. Haha yes im a nut! Please look on the bright side your boots and skirt were too SMALL not too big TOO SMALL! I know it sucks coz you now cant wear them but next time try on everything i know its a big bother but our bodies are changing so rapidly we half the time dont realise we have lost weight til are trousers are around our ankles. haha!
Thanks Anne-marie...although you may have got a little mixed up - lol ;)
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Oh yeah sorry very slow bout the shoe size but you know wat i mean. Im a walking zombie today so apologies. I hope thats the only mistake ive made sorry again.
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well done for resisting the sausages, sausages are so tempting so you have done so well... shop does sound a bit of a disatser but next time round itll be fine and youll get some lovely clothes for your ever decreasing body... well done again xxx
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Aw, that sucks! I spent weeks & about fifteen pairs of bought & returned boots to actually find some that fit over my chunky thighs & my wide feet. Hardest thing to find ever!

That's very very annoying though, but I'm sure you'll find better elsewhere! Well done for resisting :)

Just seems all the wider calf boots cost sooo much more! Yet another disadvantage of being big, eh!

Oh well, I'll keep on looking x

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