Discouraged :(


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I'm new to this but I've found the best thing is to focus on why exactly I want to lose the weight. Motivated by a thread on here I went away and wrote down what my reasons are and if I'm feeling a bit weak or demotivated I'm hoping that focusing on why I want to do this will help me through.
What are your reasons?


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Why are you confused? Is it about the SW plan or something else?

You need to make sure you are prepared for the difficult times by making sure you have lots of syn free or low syn foods to hand. What are you craving? Perhaps I can suggest some low syn alternatives.

Nobody said it was going to be easy but with a bit of planning and thinking ahead you can make it easier for yourself.


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Chin up hun, just keep reminding yourself of the reasons why you're doing this. PatchworkPuss is right in saying you must plan and think ahead. We're all here to support you x


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Finding it hardest to not eat chocolate that's my weak point, found a recipe for some low syn chocolate brownies but other than that a bit stuck for ideas.


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Try and find sweet alternatives hun, options hot chocolate is good, chopped fruit covered in muller light and crushed meringue is good too. Also I use my hex b choices to have kellogs fibre plus bars which taste really chocolatey and are filling. There is also a recipe.of low syn choccy mousse using tofu on here which is lovely and low syns. Also sugar free jelly is great. 2 finger kitkats are 5.5 syns. And another tip is have dark chocolate, you get the.choccy hit you need but can't eat as much, I always buy dark choc kit kats now.

It can take time to break habits like that hun just take your time and if you blow it draw a line straight away don't wait until next wi.


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You really must check out the SW forum. Well done for sorting yourself out at 17, I'm old enough to be your mum & only just now slimming down.


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Keep going hun :)

I had a muller with chocolate sprinkles the other day when I had a craving. I found it really helped.