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Right my H is out tonight normally when I'm in on my own I put the children to bed and then cook myself something nice and special and have a few glasses of wine. Now I'm really not going to do that (I hope) and in order to distract myself at my H's suggestion I have bought a computer game to play (sad isn't it). I could do some scrap booking but I don't feel creative.

So how can I break the habit that food in this scenario is a treat/comfort/reward. Do you know what I mean. ?

Tonight should be girly pamper night! Get out all those smellies and go for it. Exfoliate, shave, pluck, face pack. Bath relax, moisturise. Pamper yourself to your hearts content and then an early night with a good book or if you prefer a DVD.

Sounds fab, maybe I'll join you.

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I know it's a bit late for tonight but what about something like that new knitting mag that's come out? I rather fancy that myself as I think the patchwork throw looks fab and so do the cushions / scarves etc.

Just think, you could create lot of personal Christmas pressies for 2007 AND keep your hands busy into the bargain! :)
nothing better than a good book to take your mind off the fridge! (especially Harry Potter!!!!!)
Girly pamper night would be top of my list, but I also love computer games they're real time-eaters, whatever you fancy really, just anything to keep you occupied and away from food. Have you got any DVD's that only you enjoy - that's another way to do it, or failing all of that, come on Minimins, post away & play in the arcade -spent many a night doing just that!

All the best
I definately think a nice long soak in the bath is in order with a good book or magazine.

Its definately not sad to have a computer game. I got a DS for Xmas from my hubby as said it would keep me busy in the evenings especially when he is working nights.
Thanks everyone, I think I may have soak in the bath with a bath set my brother got me for Christmas. Afterwards I could just read or use the laptop in bed.

I have bought the Harry Potter computer game or I could "borrow" my sons DS and play Marios. I think I'll definitely be on here too.
Computer games help for me, and I took up crochet!
Cleaning helps, and the girly night too!
Also I joined DVD rental, just have to kick the habit of eating in front of the tv, thats a killer, I hope my chatterbox shuts up. Might actually gag her tonight.
I'm sitting on mine Ajax!! :D

My DH works away a lot and i spend time doing the same. Computer games, internet, dvds, soaks in the bath, painting my nails, chatting to friends on the phone.

I am thinking about taking up some sort of craft for the evenings. I quite fancy quilting or cross stitch but i'm not very crafty so am not sure.
Just remind me Angela your little girls name? Not Chatterbox is it?

I love crochet too. What do you make?

Dizzy x
I've been thinking of starting to plan for next christmas now so I don't have all the rush next year. I have loads of card making stuff that I never use and so was thinking of starting to make special xmas cards for close family members and special friends. There is also loads of cheap stuff out there in the shops at the moment too. May even buy some cheap cards and cut up rather than by more card making stuff that can work out expensive.

Dizzy x
I've had a huge sort out of my card making stuff and am selling it off - let me know if there's anything you're particularly interested in: I've got tons of stuff!!

I'm selling it cheap (there's postage but it would still work out cheaper than the shops)