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Disturbed sleep - weight gain?stalling?

Grrr - I have new neighbours in London, 7 lively young Aussies, who like to sleep late in the morning then sit up all night talking, drinking, smoking, singing, slamming doors.... unfortunately they do all five in the shared garden, right under my bedroom window, at random intervals between 10.30pm - to 4.30am.

Sooooo - I'm not getting as much sleep as I would like (sometimes as little as 3 hours a night)

(They moved in 3 weeks ago, and have already had 2 written warnings and a visit from the building manager; if they don't shape up they can, eventually, be evicted.)

Anyway - to help the building manager I have been keeping a record of dates and times - and this morning I notices that every night of badly disturbed sleep has been followed by a temporary weight gain.... once as much as 2 lbs.

So - something to watch out for; get your sleep in!
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** Chief WITCH **
Interesting indeed. He does mention sleep in his book, yet I sleep far less when doing the diet than when in Carb Fest Territory!

I trust you ensure those dear Aussies get woken up nice and early ;)
I just gained this morning after a night with little sleep.

I definatly do better when I sleep better - part of why I think I lose more on weekends, eat earlier and sleep longer.
I sleep far less when doing the diet than when in Carb Fest Territory!
I noticed that, and it is compounding the problem. I have had a few sleepless nights after pp days, which just seem to be a side effect of ketosis. I just wish the Aussies would party on those nights, instead of the ones where I am actually happily asleep and dreaming!

I trust you ensure those dear Aussies get woken up nice and early ;)
Oh I wish. I have elaborate fantasies about rigging up fog horns or wiring speakers under their floorboards with a medley of Death Metal and Barry Manilow. But alas, then I remember that I would be waking up all my quiet neighbours, who suffer as much as I do from the partying Sydney-siders, and might be lucky enough to catch a lie-in!

Perhaps I should give their address to my local Jehovah's Witnesses, making sure to tell them to call before 9am?
I definatly do better when I sleep better - part of why I think I lose more on weekends, eat earlier and sleep longer.
This weekend was heartbreaking, because I had planned a lazy, sleepy sunday morning to catch up on some extra zzzzzz - only to be worken at 2 hour intervals through the night, and finally at 4.30 am when I couldn't get back to sleep again.

The manager's visit yesterday might have worked - they were as quiet as mice last night. But, on past evidence, they'll forget as soon as they've had a few tinnies...


** Chief WITCH **
Can you obtain their phone number? And ring them regularly from 6am or whatever time you have to get up for work, dialling the prefix prior to their number to retain your anonymity.

I honestly couldn't resist:
How to Dial a Number to Come Up Restricted | eHow.co.uk

Otherwise, my Mum's favourite trick on a Sunday morning when I was growing up was vaccuuming outside my bedroom door and hitting it as she passed :) (So turn into the building's cleaner at 7am!!)


** Chief WITCH **
Ahem... <what's wrong with him?!!>
Nothing at all!* - I just thought Copocabana on repeat at 7am would drive 20 year-old's potty.

* I met him, once, fleetingly, about 10 years ago.
Gorgeous and a total sweetheart.


** Chief WITCH **
<note to self - get some Barry on my Ipod for my walk...>

Such a lovely nose too ;)
The neighbours have been as quiet as mice for 3 nights running - I'm hoping the management visit has been effective. (They've got a lot to lose, as it's a lovely inexpensive and very safe flat, close to a tube station)


grammar police
Fingers crossed for you atropos - my neighbours aren't too bad, there are periodic saturday mornings with pretty horrendous music coming through the walls but on the whole we manage ok. Hopefully the problem's been rectified for you now :)
My sympathies - noisy neighbours can have such a devasting effect, yet the actual offenses can seem so trivial to outsiders!


** Chief WITCH **
I think anyone who's lived in an apartment must have had the odd night (or more) when, if a knife were to hand, the anger/frustration/tiredness could have led one into criminal activities upstairs!

I make a point of never going up to see whoever's living upstairs (it seems to have a revolving door, with tenants changing regularly), until I'm calm the next day. For their sake AND mine :)

It's so unfair having to deal with other people's noise and the effect it has on our lives.
The houses here are so badly built, with extremely thin walls, that I can hear my neighbour snoring all through the night! He´s really loud too! Luckily he lives in Madrid most of the time and only comes at weekends or during the summer, but from this I can totally sympathise with those of you who have noisy neighbours! At least with mine, its not actually his fault!
Peggy Olsen waves at Betty Draper!

Oh lord - you can heat snoring? What are those walls made of?
Have you tried a white noise generator - I find they really help block out background noise? Even just tuning a radio to the static between stations makes a difference.

Then a few weeks ago i found an old cd of waves on a pebbly beach, which I play low in the bedroom when it's hot or noisy. Send me straight off to sleep (until the teen trolls next door slam the door at 4am)
I think the walls are just made of paper :rolleyes:

I can hear snoring, I can hear him first thing in morning when he clears the phlegm out of his throat! I dunno which is worse!! He´s not here this weekend, so we should get a good night´s sleep :)

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