Ditched Lipotrim for Exante!!!!!

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    Lipotrim then Slim & Save
    Hi Everyone!

    I have discovered today that Lipotrim has been discontinued in many pharmacists so Ive sent them an email stating I can't do it as how can I if I can't get to there product to buy it!

    So, I have just ordered my first pack of exante including shakes and a few bars. I won't be doing the meals, I'm trying to keep it simple and as close to LT as possible, Can't wait for them to arrive, hopefully tomorrow.

    I haven't that much to lose, I'm hoping for a stone and a half as I lost most of my weight through LT.

    I'M going indoor surfing and gorge walking in May, which involves wearing a wet suit
    :eek: and I can think of more flattering things to wear! especially in front of my boyfriend!!!

    Anyway, it's good to be back on minimins after all this time

    Emily xxx

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