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Dived off the wagon


Striving to be good.....
:(:cry:Today, I dived off the wagon in some spectacular fashion.
Yesterday was my first weigh in (day 6 of CD) and I lost 9lbs and was delighted.
Last night my demons were taunting me to have food - any food - which I resisted. This morning was the same and I was proud of myself that I didn't cave in.
I have cried and cried today because I wanted food but had a soup and drank lots and thought I would be ok. Then I caved in and had some roast chicken. Not satisfied with that, I had a small plate of fresh veg and about a tablespoon of mashed potato. Once I had done this, I went into self-destruct and ate other things that I shouldn't have.
Because I am new to this, have I totally cooked it now? I realise that I will have bombed out of ketosis but can I just start again tomorrow?
I have been such a b*tch for the last few days - to my husband and to my children. Feeling totally crap now.
Would starting again be ok?
Why oh why?

thank you....

Michelle x :eek:
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You can start again tomorrow, and it shouldn't take too long to get back into ketosis. Don't beat yourself up over it, just look at it as a learning experience and move on. Maybe write down the way you feel and when your demons are about again read it and remember why you don't want to fold?
Awwwww hun i think most of us go through things like that I bombed yesterday and ate about 10 thorntons choccies but strangly enough it didn't kick me out of ketosis even though they had about 7g of carbs per choc!!!! and i got straight back on today and i felt so guilty yesterday but fine today you'll be fine just take each day as it comes....


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You may very well find you haven't knocked yourself out of ketosis.....and if you have, you restart again tomorrow and will be back up there again in no time at all....drink plenty of water to flush it all out and don't beat yourself up.......you know what you did, and you now know what you will do in the future.....just stay strong and stay focused and you will be at goal in no time........
Remember this part of the diet isn't forever, its just a short period of time before you can start on the maintaining road and keeping your gorgeous new slim figure!

(((((many hugs)))))


Striving to be good.....
Thanks to you all......
sitting here with tears plopping off my cheeks....
You are all so lovely and I feel so weak!
Nothing worth having is easy tho eh?

Love to you all!

Michelle x


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aww hunni dry your tears put a smile on your face, tommorrow is a new day and a new week :)

We are all here for you :) ((((hugs))))


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Diva i've been doing this for 7 weeks now and i'm pretty good at it,but at dinner time i had a plate of chicken,veg,gravy and mash too.Don't worry about it you'll be fine tomorrow,just like me.Sometime thing happen that you cannot help.Tomorrow is another day.


Striving to be good.....
It's lovely to know that you are not alone.
It helps to know that you are all in the same boat too. Your support is so welcome and I thank you all loads.
Tomorrow is another day - youre quite right - and I'm gonna be the skinnier for it!
Big hugs everyone

M xx


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After all this time..today i ate like a pig! No excuse, no problems, no reasons, i just did! And yes, tomorrow is another day and so i ss again!
Exactly! I hope that means you're feeling better Annie d! Don't worry Diva2B just get ur mind back in gear and kick off again 2moro, no more tears they just make it worse. take care bb x
Hi hope you are feeling better and better about the lapse. This is a great diet and you get immeditate results, but it's radical, no conventional food for x amount of time.

Don't beat yourself up about, it's happened and there is nothing you can do about it, just get back on the CD wagon. Try to remember what triggered the eating and next time you will be ready.

If I can't stand other people eating at home I take myself off for a bath or just sit on my bed listen to music or read a book. If I'm in that kind of mood - where I want to eat everything in sight, I don't go anywhere near supermarkets or resturants as it's too tempting.

Let us know how you get on :flowers:



Striving to be good.....
haven't been online for a couple of days....


Back with a vengeance! Took all of your advice and thought ok I made a mistake. Mistakes are ok! I can survive and continue.
Have been a saint for three days since my lapse. Enjoyed CD more this week than last and now know I am back in ketosis (the familiar minging breath LOL)
One of my colleagues from work was away for a week and came back today.... her first words were 'well i can see you have lost weight i can see it in your face' - ooooh i could have kissed her!
So there might be three wheels on my wagon, but at least I'm still on it this week!
Thank you all for your support..... Hope there's less of me on Saturday!

Lots of love :):):)

Michelle xx
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I've been on the CD for a week now and so far touch wood i've managed to stay on the wagon. If howeverI should fall off, you lot would make me feel so strong again. The support you are all giving each other is amazing.

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