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Dizzy - does it end?


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Hi Ladies

I'm on day 6 of my first week of SS. Last week I did 810.

For the last 2 days, including today, once I hit about 11.45 I get really dizzy and lightheaded. I have my shake at 12 and it doesn't seem to help at all. Then I have another at 2 (I do half shakes) and again it doesn't help.

Yesterday when I got home I got straight into a hot bath then my tea time shake which seemed to sort it out.

Is this going to last? I can't be useless every afternoon? Will I get used to it and feel better? Or should I go back to 810? I don't want to but this feeling is awful!
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Hi hun,

It should improve, although i still find that if i stand up too quickly i can feel really dizzy, also me and one of the other girls in my team both find we are more prone to dizzyness during totm.

Hope that helps xx
You could try splitting your packs up and having smaller meals to prevent the energy crash and remember to drink loads of water that helps with the dizziness. Hope you feel better soon hun. x


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Thanks for the responses. I am already splitting the packs. I am drinking at least 4 pints a day. Usually I'm through that by the time I leave work but I'll try to up it.

I'll keep going (unless it gets worse!) and talk it over with my CDC this thurs. Maybe it is TOTM - although that isn't due for a week and a half!



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Just to reply to this myself. Have been up and down with this but today am still feeling bad except now I have a bad tummy too! Not sure if I am ill or it is the lack of food.

Have moved my appt with my CDC to 1.30 so am off to see her then home to bed!:wave_cry:

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