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Extra Easy Do all you EE people have 1/3 superfree?

I really love extra easy , I have never done a full week of it as I tend to have a real mixture of red green, EE and mix to max.
A few people have said to me that they only lose well on EE if they have 1/3 superfree with every meal. I know the book says it not compulsary but just wondered as reading the threads there are a few of you who have always done EE and lost loads!
I rejoined SW a few weeks ago and still haven't managed to stick to a full week, My mum has been rushed to hospital 6 times in the last few weeks and I've kind of used this as an excuse, knowing that I wouldn't be able to attend class with visiting her in hospital.:eek:
I went back to class tonight and am determined to stick to it this week!
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I say it doesnt matter, i have done both and have similar results. If you are more likley to stick to it without doing the 1/3 then dont worry about it. Just stick to it the way you want and it will work.

Good luck.


Minimins is the best!
well technically i dont consciously make sure i fill my plate like that, but i tend to have it, if you know what i mean!! ie i will have steak, a small jack pot and a large side salad...or baked beans on a jack pot with large side salad. or roast chicken and loads of stir fried or roasted veg, but then somedays i will have bolognese (mince and pasta) or chicken and rice with only a few veggies - i have pretty much always had good losses - as long as you mix it up and fill up on free foods in between i think its fine!!!
i dont.i dont really like vegetables and only really have them in soup.i eat a lot of superfree for snacks.so prob do eat a lot during the day.but i dont fill my plate up with it.
Thanks for the advice, I think I am more likely to stick to it without having 1/3 superfree every time, although I suppose you do have it without realising sometimes anyway. I have planned a few meals this week which will fit in better with EE so I'll definitely be giving it a try
Thanks again x


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I don't because i dont like a lot of veg but tend to have salad as a starter and tons of fruit throughout day and maybe have a chicken curry with tons of blitzed veggies so i dont notice them lol. i think if you put my whole day on a plate with superfree foods it would even out


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I think that aslong as you don't force yourself, if for example you are making something for dinner and you wouldn't put SF foods on the plate normally, then don't - but if you do then do! I guess its about letting the SW become part of your life plan, rather than letting it take over. Hope this helps :)
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I don't have super free with each meal. The thought of a salad at each meal fills me with despair, not fond of broccoli and stuff either. What I have started doing is making a vat of veg soup, just lumps of carrots, diced onion, celery, butternut squash & veg stock. I'm have a bowl of this before lunch and dinner and I'm hoping this weeks weight loss will be better than the last 2 where I've sts. Good luck.x
Thanks again everyone, I do have superfree food throughout the day so hopefully this should even in out. I think you are right Squiddie, it has to fit in with normal life, thats a mistake I have made before.
Thanks again,
Have a good WI this week everyone!

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