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Do any LLrs take psyillium husks?


I've just started taking them!!! Bought them on Monday. I had looked them up on net then went into holland and barratt and asked advice for IBS and thats what they suggested. Don't know if any difference yet but will keep you informed.

Christina x
Hey Lily, how you doin hun?

I tried the powder, to make porridge, had two spoonfulls and gaged. If you were going to try them I would suggest the capsuals. One of the girls in my group uses these and it really works for her. I am having to use dulcolax once a week......

good luck xx
I'm good! Bit peeved as i only lost 2lbs this week, but I will stick with the programme. I actually have my husks and have made porridge with them a couple of times (tut tut) and have found they are less slimy if you make the shake with just 200mls of hot water and then add a good 1.5 desert spoonfuls of the husks,a nd it goes really thick. Mmm, just wanted to make sure it was't going to damage my progress (Couldn't help but wonder if that was why I'd only lost 2lbs this week) But as Cambridge is alledgedly the same but divided into 3 not 4, and 'they' are allowed them, what possible difference could it make?
Our LLC suggested we use them as they are not absorbed into the body at all and are just a bulking agent:confused: Cant see that they will mess things up for you, but hey, what do i know:D :D

I am going to my weigh in in a bit and I know I have lost nothing, my scales say 1lb on. I am really bloated and suffer from huge water retention when due on (this Friday). I know I have been 100% to the letter of the diet, so water is the only thing it can be. Oh well, we shall see!!

Speak to you later hun xxx
May I ask what these husks are? never heard of them!


Nomad staying slim
They are a form of natural soluble fibre and help in the "poo department". I am on LL and have a rounded spoonful a day in my hot marigold drink . Since taking them I find I go to poo much easier, more regularly and the consistency is much better. Sorry for being so graphic:eek: :eek: :eek: - but good pooing is important!!!

I get my psyllium powder from Holland and Barrett - in a 340g tub called Colon Care+ about £10 I think. I've tried it in the LL soups and shakes but find it makes too much of a slimy consistency for me whereas in the Marigold it just thickens it up and is quite yummy.
OOh.. may try it then.. not been since having D&V Tues! :(
Took some dulcolax and have been but still have a sharp pain on my right side..bit worries it may be appendicitis.. would be just my luck...
i have ordered 2 tubs of psyllium powder online but i haven't got them yet. do they taste of anything? from the way it's been described i'm thinking wallpaper paste :eek:


somebody shrink me
I have some psyllium powder, but haven't dared use it yet! Which are the best flavour shakes to use them with?
my PH powder arrived this morning :D
i'm going to try mixing some into my soup this afternoon, after smelling it i don't fancy mixing anything sweet with it, it's got a distinct savoury smell.


Nomad staying slim
Yes it is more savoury although they say its tasteless - that's why I put it in my Marigold bouillon rather than the packs. The wallpaper paste comparison is a good one - but the bowel benefits are worth it.
well i mixed 1 desert spoon of husk powder into a vegetable soup pack expecting it to thicken up 'a bit' but it went a lot lot thicker! was that because i put hot water on it? i couldn't stomach the gloopysoup because i was gagging on it and had to throw it away. wish i'd got the tablets now... :(

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