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do any of you treat yourselves on wi in day


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I do! Oh definitely. Food I mean. I am no way as excessive as I used to be. I generally eat very little before I am weighed, and then I get a mcdonalds, or KFC, or sometimes just have a cake. If I thought it harmed me I wouldn't, but the day after I feel right back on top of it again. I guess everyone is different, and I just think that after i have reached my goal weight i am going to want to have meals out from time to time, and if my body is used to having them in moderation then why not. In saying that, what I get is not excessively over my points to be honest, but definitely not what i'd eat the day before a w.i! lol! sorry bit of a ramble there. am sure everyone is different! I do think that non-food treats are very valuable, because there is more to life than food and you can find your comforts in other things you never thought of before!
I would want to eat extra the next day and the next. I'm lucky I get weighed in a morning class so never have anything before I go not even a drink of water so still have a full day's points left. Don't know what I'd be like if it were an evening class

Irene xx


is gonna shine in 2009
Guess its what works for different peeps, if did have some extra like you it wasn't alot over the points and like naturally slim people do, if they have a treat they don't extend that treat to a whole week/month as i used to lol.

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