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Do I have to use my Activity PP's?


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Well... exactly what the title says really :p

I do a 60 min Zumba, 60 min Body Combat, 60 min BodyPump & 60 min LBT a week and I'd say they are all moderate/high intensity. At my weight, that's an extra max 16 pp's EACH :eek: I already get 38pp's daily, plus the 49pp weekly allowance so an additional 64 (possibly more if I add any gym workouts I may do!) sounds waaaay too much!

Do I HAVE to have them? Will it hinder my loss in any way? Or can I just leave them and maybe use them if I need to?

Thanks in advance!

Lauryn :) x
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No. You don't have to use them. I don't but I enjoy counting them. Be careful of recording things as high intensity. That means you are so breathless you cannot talk - say like you are sprinting. It is unlikely you keep that up for any length of time (not that it would matter if that much if you are not eating them)


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I echo pudnpies sentiments. Keeping up exercise accelerates your weight loss as well - more muscle in your body requires more energy to exist :)

And lets face it, exercise makes you feel fab!

The only way to really accurately estimate what sort of energy you are burning is by getting a decent Polar heart rate monitor. I have one and its the BEST piece of gym kit I have bought :) It does give you a calorie reading, but you can roughly estimate 40 calories to equal 1pp, or just use the number for comparison every day, and see if you can beat your "score" each time :)


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Thanks guys! I'll class the exercise as moderate then :D except the burst of high intensity the instructor throws in here and there!

Knowing me I will probably end up using them anyway! x


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hannata said:
I might start using mine when I near the smaller end of the points scale! Currently I'm on 43pp per day! So it's more than enough for meals and a treat. WHEN (positive thinking!) I get down into the mid/low 30s I reckon I might need an extra point or two :p
Hehe PMA is the way forward ;)

Yes good idea, I'll try not use mine until maybe I'm somewhere near my end target! If I ever get there lol! x


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hannata said:
Woo go us! We will get there!!! No if's!!!

I'm tired of going back and forth between the same ol' stupid 20 stone that I did before coming here. Time to kick this weights aassssssss!!
Waheeeyyy ditto!! x

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