Do not cheat, its not worth it...


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I messed up, feel so silly. It was like a 'pringle' effect (once u pop...)

My advice- DO NOT CHEAT! It is just not worth it. Now I feel shamed n upset. I have to go to see my pharmacist on monday-and she expects a urine sample every week. No one to blame but myself, 1st December-my new start. I will beat this devil on my shoulder.(I have to)

People, please stay strong because you will not feel good if you cheat. X

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Absolutely re: new start. No one's perfect - just put the past behind you and focus on getting back on track. Don't feel bad, and don't worry too much about other people's opinions - you're doing this for you!

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dont beat yourself up about it hun, its not the end of the world.... pick yourself up and start again. anyone can have a slip and its what you do after that counts... also remember you only fail once you stop trying. You know you can beat your demons and this is a long journey of change. No journey is easy and this one will certainly have its ups and downs... but stay strong and take each day at a time... if you fall... get back up! and you will get there!

stay strong sliminside!

Hi there, I've only just started a couple of weeks ago, after a few false starts.. This is my second time.. I didn't learn how to maintain my weight! ?
I've broken my diet soo many times in the past.. I no how sad u feel after the eating spree.. So I just did extra exercise to work off wot I ate.. Not to worry tho, wer all human.. Be it fat ones?! Lol xx


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Pick up and start again!! You can do it hun x


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Put it behind you and make it work. 1st December is your day to say ' right, this is for me and I'm going to stick to it'
Best of luck
x x x


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I know how u feel I've cheated on it before and once u have that first bite it's hard 2 stop..I also know how bad it makes u feel so I feel 4 u hun..but if u get bck on it straight away no harm done ur strong enough good luck x


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Don't feel bad. This is what life it like. As the others say it's not the slip up that matters as much as getting back to the plan. Which you have done. You are therefore a success... we are all only human after all and to 'err is divine' xxx