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Do people ever change their target weight whilst on the diet?


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I just wondered - because I originally set my own target weight at 11 stone, just because that's what I was for years. My CDC did point out that this was just under the 'overweight' line on the weight chart for my height (rather than well into the 'normal' area), but at the start I just didn't think that I'd lose any weight at all (having been wrong-footed by so many other diets).

Now that I'm doing so well, we've talked about changing my target weight to 10½ stone (which I was throughout most of my late 20s and 30s). It still seems incredible to me, but my clothes and the scales are grounding me in reality, and I know that I can do that.

However, my CDC always says that there's no reason why people can't go back to how they were when they were 21 (this always amuses people who were even bigger then than they are now, lol) and so I asked my mum how much I weighed then, because I can't remember. She thought for a bit, then went running off upstairs and came back with an old exercise book. She'd only found an old food diary of mine, from when I was 18! :eek: (As I've said previously, I've been dieting on and off since I was 15!)

It was interesting - at age 18, I weighed 9st.12lbs, and I measured 37-31-36 (which seems a lot for that weight?) - I grew to 5'8" at 16 and stopped there, so I know that was the same. I'm not suggesting that I try and get back to all that (although it might happen anyway) - but I reckon if I get to 10½ stone on SS, then when I switch to SS+ and gradually wean myself off the diet and onto maintenance, then that half-stone might just drop off anyway (and the inches with it, hopefully!).

What do others think? :confused: Am I asking for the moon here, or does it sound like a real possibility? :innocent0001:
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Yep my target was 6 stone but if I get lower than I am now (13.4) and think I dont suit it I will aim to stay level...my consultant wants me to get to 10st which would be a loss of 7 stone but I am 50 and whilst I dont look it now I dont want to go scraggy at me age lol...xx


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sure, its always best to start on something realistic then when you get there have the confidence to keep going, its a great motivator :)

Serena A

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Hi Jacey

As long as you are changing your target for the right reasons e.g. now having the confidence you can get there rather than just feeling that the scales ought to read less, then why not?!

During my first ever visit to my CDC we were trying to set my goal weight - we plumped for 9st simply because it was a nice round number within the healthy BMI range. I vividly remember rolling my eyes and thinking "yeah right, like I'll ever get there!" as I have never ever weighed that, even when I was younger. And here I am! So go for it, you are definitely not asking for the moon! xx


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Jaycey, just noticed we are the same height and both have set targets at 11 stone! I have had thoughts similar to yours... I wanted to set a target that was possible... and one just inside the healthy range... even though I didn't really believe I could get there. I haven't yet, but it seems like it could happen! I was 9st 7lbs from my late teens to mid twenties, then settled at about 10 after meeting OH and eating proper dinners rather than existing on chocolate one day and ryvita & cottage cheese the next. Then came kids and suddenly the binge-eating I had always done began to show...

Anyway, I am gonna stick at 11 st for now, as I am working abroad for 3 weeks in May and need to be up the steps & off CD by then. In June, I had thought I might try to take it down to 10st 7lbs, but I'm not sure - will see how I feel. The main reason, as has been said by so many, is to have a safety net zone... to be able to say 'I will not let myself get above 11st.' So would be interested to know what you decide and how you get on!

Right now I am struggling to shift the last (?) 9lb so will keep the same goal and try to remain focused!!!

Charliegirl, well done, you have come such a long way! And Huseyin, amazing & inspiring. As for Serena, you're just a star... and always so wise as well!



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Yes my goal was 11st i think 10st would be more suitable for my height really looking forward to getting there in the summer i didnt think i would would get this far.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey, it's the same thing, isn't it - none of us ever thought we could do this well! :)

Katycakes, I'll probably keep my target weight at 11 stone until I actually get there! Then I'll make my decision - although I'm sure I can then go down a bit. (According to the Minimins spreadsheet, if I went for 10 stone and stayed on SS, I'd get there the day before my birthday, at my current rate - how cool is that?! :D It's certainly tempting!)

The other thing is size - I can't ever remember being smaller than a size 14. We're a solid, stocky family so I was never a skinny kid, and seemed to go straight to a well-fleshed teenager! I'll be well happy to get back to a size 14, although I'm almost too scared to think about it - but a size 12? Hey, that just ain't me! (Or is it?! :confused: :eek:)


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Its funny isnt it, i never thought i'd get back to this weight again, i said that to my CDC yesterday. I probably wouldnt with any other diet! My target is set at 9.2stone and i'm only 7lbs away! I just can't believe it! I used to weigh 8.7 and that just seemed impossible a few months ago, but really it isnt anymore! So maybe my goal will change, i'm just going to see how i feel at the time :) according to my BMI i could be 7.7stone and still be in my healthy range! I've havent weighed that since i was growing lol, i reckon i'd look skeletal lol. I'd just go with what you feel comfortable with xx


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Hmmm, it could be you, Jaycey! Why not? I have also always been a 14, even when 9st 7lbs... just have wide hips I guess! But still, it is good to be edging back into that zone instead of squishing into a 16 or 18.


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My goal was originally 10 stone, as I never believed that I could actually manage to get below that. I'll wait and see how I feel when I get there, but I'm already considering revising it to 9 stone because I know I'd be much happier at that weight. Who knows-I may even make it to 8 and a half-depends if I look too scrawny or not!:D


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I'm the same - my target is 11 stone and it would put me just inside the healthy range. I'm now thinking of changing it to 10st - like everyone else, I didn't think I would get this far! :)


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My target is 12 stone because when I started 4 stone seemed a massive amount for me to be able to lose :eek: Now nearly 2 stone less I am thinking of setting my goal to 11 stone as it does seem more attainable now :)

Annie x

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