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Do people expect you to fail?


Happy in my own skin
Now that I've finished Foundation and am more or less happy with my size 12 figure I get the feeling people don't expect me to maintain the weight loss.

In a way I can understand this as I've lost 3 stones twice in the past and then put it back on. However, I'm more determined than ever. So much so that I did not lapse in Foundation which I'm more proud of than the weight loss to be honest. I have had the feeling in the past that I never quite follow anything through to the end.

So did you feel that people expected you to put the weight all back on again?
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Mel P

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Hi Morticia

I often wonder what people think about my weight loss and whether I will be able to maintain, but so far no one has given any signs of thinking that.

Right now though the thought of putting the weight back on fills me with fear and I know that for as long as I feel this way, there is no chance I will go that route. However, I do wonder what will happen if/when that fear goes. I am hoping that if the fear does go, I will have changed my life and ways enough for it not to be a problem. I also believe that RTM is the most important part of this programme and is my chance to learn and change my ways.

I am hopeful, but only time will tell :)



I Can Do This!
I have had a few comments about the 'fact' that everyone on these silly diets always puts the weight back on - and more!

The way I see it is that I have to lose the weight in the first place before I can start to learn how to maintain a healthy weight. And with LL we have been getting lots of self-awareness and understanding and ideas on how to maintain once we get to goal followed by a gradual reintroduction of food groups to help us put the new knowledge into practice so that it becomes the life-long skill we need. What other diet offers that support. The percent of folk keeping the weight off is much higher with LL, so there is a better chance this diet is the one that will work for life.

Ignore the comments! Work hard at practicing maintenance and it will become habit and the weight will stay off. And make use of the free on-going support from your LLC. xx
Mostly, I had nothing but support. There were a few doubters early on, but 30 weeks later when I had not lapsed, they started to think, Hmmmmm, maybe she means it. :D

There are a select few, who have struggled with their own loss/gain/loss/gain that I know felt a bit jealous of the speed and success of my diet. When I run into them, I can see them scrutinising me, looking for re-gain. Its most satisfying when 10 months later, they have to swallow their pride, and say well done, you've kept it off. :D

I was very lucky, and found I had incredible support from 99% of anyone I encountered. But its not like that for a lot of people - some get a horrible hounding from the nay-sayers and non-believers.



Happy in my own skin
The comments I get the most is that people who have done this diet have all put the weight back on...and more. But I'm ignoring them...:D

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