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Do saggy bellies ever really go???

I'm getting nearer to my goal now and am really pleased at my weight loss so far.

BUT I am what they call apple shaped, I think barrel was more appropriate:eek: Now I've lost weight my arms and legs and bum are quite slim, however tummy is saggy and I can still grab handfuls of it:sigh:

I have been exercising, I go to aerobics 2 times a week and swim once a week. I also do sit ups at home, and use a toner belt every night before bed. The latest thing was I spent £s on a toning gel.

I think I may be a bit obsessed!!!

I've had 4 kids, do you think I could ever get a nicer shaped tummy, or am I deluding myself:confused:

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i dont know. last time I lost a lot of weight (after 2nd baby, had another since then) my belly was ok, wasnt saggy, no overhang etc. loads of stretch marks though. This time I have more of a belly, but can still 'suck' it in quite well, so am curious about how it will be after. Its never going to be a bikini belly though or one to get pierced.
Cant say mine is a Bikini Belly either!!!

I do have to say though, some peeps do shrink back, unfortunately I never did!


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Hi Tracey,

Belly fat is very stubborn and is nearly always the last to go.

Walking is one of the best exercise to shift it.

If your skin is in relatively good condition on your arms and legs this would be a sign that you probably have good skin that will shrink back in time.

I am an apple shape myself.:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for your replies:)

I'm not after a bikini belly or getting it pierced. It would be nice to get it a bit flatter, so that there isn't so much overhang.

I'm going to up my walking as you've suggested Mini, and LOL get one of those twister things (here I go again:eek: )

Canireallydothis...your picture is lovely, me thinks theres not much saggy belly under that dress.

Thanks for your replies


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Hi Minilady,

Here is a link for slendertone.
Slendertone | Female Body Toning

My friend started using their Maxi belts soon after she had her third child and she says it really helped to tone her stomach and reduce the overhang She has worn hipsters since she started using it and you can definitely see a difference. :)

Let me know how you get on, if you do decide to purchase one. I was thiinking of getting one when I am nearer to goal.

Lisa x
Thanks Soulsister...I have got a cheap version one of those, maybe I need an upgrade! Thanks for the link.

Thanks Wannabeaminime... Lol I've got one of those too, however it dosent look as good on me as in the link you posted. It flattens everything a bit, but I then have it all escaping at the top:eek: Not a pretty picture;)

Jojo...Think you might be right;)

Thanks girls

Canireallydothis...your picture is lovely, me thinks theres not much saggy belly under that dress.

Thanks for your replies
Bless you Tracey, thank you x
I do have a saggy belly, but you cant tell with my clothes on, and Id rather be saggy, than 5st heavier, it reminds me what I have done!

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