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Do the bars slow the weight loss down?

I think for some people, It can affect losses, But not for all.

Personally, I would deffo recommend that you DON`T have more than 1 bar a day.

I made the mistake of having 2 and my stomach swelled so much I looked about 6 months pregnant and it was so so painful :cry:



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i have 1 every day and seem to be doing ok xx


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i have one bar a day. I split my bar into four "kit kat style" fingers.
I have one with my first shake and one with my second shake and then afetr my little 810 meal, I have the rest. I love this diet but without those bars, id be screwed


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I have 3 a week, but only after SSing for 3 weeks
I was told that I could not have the bars until I had been on the diet for a few weeks, not sure why..?


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As far as I know it's because you are chewing and so having them the first couple of weeks while you get used to the not eating means you have more chance of falling off plan and eating again.
But not sure if that's the real reason, can anyone else help?


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I had one today and iv been on 5days, but I'm ok :)


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Most cdc's advise you not to start the bars till the 3rd week to make sure by then you are fully in ketosis as some people are carb sensitive and having the bars to early could knock you out, but my last cdc said you could have them from day one, as long as it's only 1 a day won't hurt:)


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The weeks when I have had ,my lowest weight losses are the weeks I have eaten 3-4 bars over the week. When I have avoided them my losses have been 1 or 2 lbs more
I have been eating a bar a day since day one (now on day 7) and I lost 17lb this week


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I think the truest thing to say is that having them may make weight loss appear to slow down. They almost certainly don't make fat loss slow down - how could they? They're only 30 or so calories more than a shake.

But what they do seem to do in some people is make them retain water. Now, if you have a bar every day, from week to week, you're not going to notice them affecting your weight loss because you'll retain the same amount of water from week to week and what shows on the scales is fat loss.

If you have them every day for a couple of weeks, then have a week without them, you'll probably see a bigger loss on the scales than you did during the weeks you had a bar every day. That'll be because you lost the water you were retaining because you were having the bars. But of course people then think, "Ooh, I didn't have the bars - that must be why I lost more weight this week!" and then deprive themselves of them. Needlessly, I reckon - but that's just my humble opinion. :)

It is best not to have them in the first few weeks though, partly because of the munching setting off the munchies thing, partly because the chewy bars have more carbs in them (in the form of a fibre called malitol - which is why some people find having a bar every day wards off constipation :D). The extra carbs may (in a small number of people) cause problems with staying in ketosis. However, the crispy bars have around the same number of carbs in them as shakes and soups so if you're one of those unfortunate sensitive folks, you can still have peanut, cranberry and mint bars.

Edited to add: It's easy in those weeks when you have smaller losses to blame the fact you had bars. But the thing is, we just don't lose weight consistently from one week to the next. In theory we should - and if we were machines, we would. But all sorts of things upset water balance, from being ill to being stressed to being hormonal, etc. The most dangerous thing you can do to your head on Cambridge is to expect that you'll lose the same amount of weight every week. You won't. There will be weeks where you lose 6 pounds, followed by weeks where you 'only' lose 2. The trick is to keep in mind your average weight loss over a number of weeks.
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Thank you lily for your post! It all makes alot of sense. I was told too by the CDC to avoid bars in first couple of weeks only for the psychologcal reasons but I had one today anyway :/ I feel fine and it didn't make me want to eat anything it just made me feel more full. I am also still in ketosis according to my MSU sample. I won't have any more than 1 in a day and see how I get on weight loss wise. Thanks for all your replies :D x

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