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do the bars slow weight loss?

It depends on how sensitive your body is to carbs really.I have found I'm fine with the bars but if I have too much water flavouring I retain water.I only have 4 a week though.
Thanks Rose, I'll give them a go and see how i do! xxx


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Are they filling? Can't see how they would be filling?
They're not really filling as such-but I cut mine into tiny pieces or nibble little bits and eat as slowly as possible and really enjoy the taste :)


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I definately find them filling especially the nougat type ones. I thought they wern't recommended till week 3 though.


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Hey, I don't think you're allowed bars until Week 3.

People might think their weight loss slows down because week 3 is when weight loss tends to slow anyway! It may well add to it as there are extra carbs in the bars, but it isn't anything hugely significant.

A lot of people who find SS difficult to stick to find the bars really help as it's nice to have something to chew and they are quite filling (I find they are anyway) - it helps get rid of other cravings in that respect. Have a go with them and see how you find it :) xx


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I had the bars from week 2 and have not found that it has effected my weight loss, some people say it does effect them, I guess our bodies all work in different ways..
Good luck and enjoy them, they are rather tasty. My favourite are the chocolate ones x


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Hiya i find the bars filling and tasty i look forward to mine at lunchtime at work.Even tho ure not ment to have them till week 3 I had mine in week 2 and still lost weight.My cdc didnt want to give them to me BUT i wanted them.!!! shan x
Hi I weighed in last night and got my shakes and porridge for the week, as did my husband.:)
I lost 6lbs but she says I can have the bars next week (3) if i want to try them, so if I feel like chewing something I can have one of them.
Hope they don't slow down the weight loss though, still got to get my bum in that plane seat in sept.:character00255:lol
I found they did slow my weightloss, I had them for 2 weeks and my weightloss dropped slightly, I gave them up for 2 weeks and my weightloss rose again... I am obviously very sensitive to carbs as I am never in ketosis either.... I was when on the low carb diet, but I think the 3 shakes even have too many carbs (at around 42g a day) to get me in ketosis...
I am so looking forward to my third week when i can have them, cos to chew something will be fab I know it will :D

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I love the bars and find them really filling. they're quite heavy too. My favourite are cranberry and chocolate. They keep me going altho the porridge keeps me going a lot longer. Ooh had my first mix-a-moose today....how yum are they!!!!!!! heaven in a bowl hahhahaaha...choc mint moose yum.

Have a great week xxx
Thanks for all the comments. I got them anyway and my cdc gave me them. I've no fridge at work and the tetra packs get warm so it will be nice for work. Anyway, I went for cup of tea at Borders tonight after weigh in and had one. Delicious and filling too! Let's hope i still lose next week.


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Broxi, fingers crossed for you. If you're worried why not just try one bar in the first week, and slowly work upwards until it starts affecting your weight loss, then you'll know how much you can have safely?
I think that's what I'll try to do, but I know I'll be in my poor CDC's house for ages trying to decide which bar I want ;)
Hi Nicola, I had toffee and it was lovely. How are you getting on?


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I'm happier now that I'm sure I'm losing weight, and I did the "pee test" on one of those bits of paper to make sure I was in ketosis and got a good strong salmon pink colour, but not purple so I'm burning fat and drinking enough water - yay!

Glad you liked the toffee bar, I can't wait to be able to try them! I had thought it was in the second week but then re-read my info and no, have to wait another week. Boo! but I've stuck things out 100% so far and not cheated once, even though it's unheard of for me to go even a day without chocolate, so I'm not going to sabotage myself.

I've made a list of the items I definitely *won't* be ordering again, and the apple and cinnamon porridge is right at the top in big flashy lights (the rubbery bits of apple make me feel ill!) The unfortunate thing is that I got seven packs of it, enough for every morning, so it's been a bit of a struggle getting through them all. Only three more to go though, and then I'm going to move on to the plain and put mixed spice in.


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Hey Louie lou, well done on losing 6lbs. I bet you feel great. Good luck for next week. I was told no bars until week 3 too and can't wait to try them so I can chew lol. Zoe xx
It's funny how all cdcs say different things. I had my bar for lunch today and definitely came home much hungrier than usual. I don't know if it's because of that or just one of those days. i'll see how it goes for another day. To be honest, i prefer the porridge anyway, it's just they are handy. I had cranberry one today and it was very nice.
How are you all today? xxx


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I wasn't hungry all morning but now I'm home from work I could eat a scabby horse! I find the porridge most filling but can't stand the texture. I'm going to try the plain one next week. No weight loss so far today :-( but still hoping for a good result at my first WI. How is everyone else?

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