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Do They Still Give Out Stickers For Achieving Body Magic Awards?


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I think ours does... I don't know how they work though, it's not really been explained much. I think it's for people that do exercise as well, or something. I'm a bit vague on it.


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I mainly go to the gym and do body combat or body attack classes. I try and do these about three times a week and then I'll have one regular workout on the bikes/treadmill/cross trainer etc. I find that a bit boring compared to the classes so I keep it to a minimum. Other than that I tend to do quite a bit of walking, the odd exercise DVD and if I go out clubbing I'll count the dancing as exercise. I also play on the Wii Fit when I get a chance, I don't have one but one of my friends and my boyfriend's little sister both do so I get on there whenever I have the chance. Thanks for the info, I'll ask my Consultant about it next week. x


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You do have to ask for them. You get a sticker for your book and a certificate too. I got all 3 in one go, since I went straight to over 2 1/2 hours of exercise each week.


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I've never had one of these, in fact I don't even know the ligibility for them! Although, Evanesco's post has partially answered that for me :D

K xx


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We have them at our class, the leader encourages us to come forward and tell her when we qualify for them and then you're presented with your sticker at the start of the class with the other awards.

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