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do waitresses ever listen???(sorry if u r one)


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i came back yesterday feeling really pis**d off that id only lost a pound. so begain on my ss mission once again....only to be invited to frankie and bennies for a party!!
i had a chicken caeser salad and i asked them to put the dressing in a sep little dish...but guess what it cam smothered in it....i couldnt be arsed to wait for another...do you think its really high in carbs???? oh god i hope not....i was doing so well too after my sausage dilemma at the weekend!!!
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please try again
im a waitresses nightmare, was at frankie and bennys the other day and had the chicken cearer minus the sauce, croutons, cheese and tomatoes " so you just want chicken and lettuce then?" yep love thats what i want, lol

i do acctually send them back if theyve made a mistake, ended up with a free meal in pizza hut cos they drowned my salad in sauce

not sure about the carb content hun but hopeing its not too bad for you
awe hunny, don't worry about it, it wasnt a chineze/pizza/indian etc... dont let it get to you, keep at it your doing so well :)


I've given up asking for caeser without this, without that and now just ask for lettuce and chicken with NOTHING on it. It's worked to date.....even today.....and she had terrible English, but I persevered and that's exactly what I got - lettuce and chicken. Trick is to keep repeating yourself until you see that they've 'got it'. lol


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was it chef who slipped up or the waitresses ?
I know about waitresses alright lol , you know when you ask for a drink with your meal , well asked 2 times where is the drink , she told me as its not at the bar i can't get it , I thought what ? anyway on my last mouthful told her cancel the drink as i've had my dinner , and why she could not get it herself , to be a waitresses you have to be confident ... anyway we got the bill and it asked you to log onto the site to ask waht you thought of your meal and says the waitresses name on the bill , so i logged on .


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well done :) i still wouldn't do it again. might be dehydration... sorry if that's a bubble burster. it will be hard core fat :D

abz xx

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