Do we drop One Dress Size per month?


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Morning everybody!

Hope everybody has a Great Day today & that CD is going Well for us!
My question is: Do we drop 1 Dress Size a month??
I'm wedding dress shopping at the moment and was wondering how many Dress sizes I could drop between now and June'12?? I'm currently a 16-18.

What has been your experiences with Dropping Dress Sizes??

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Firstly Congratulations to you on you Wedding :)To be honest the first real time I actually went clothes shopping was last night and was dancing around Next as i was a size 14 :) The lady in the changing rooms thought I was loopy lol :) I started on this diet as a size 20 - 22 and started on 05/10/2011 so for me it has been 4 sizes in 2 months but everyone is different and loses it from different places so can't really tell what size you would be by June but on average you lose a stone a month on this diet if thats any help. (You should reach your goal by June as long as you wish to lose 6 stone or less) :D I have just been lucky to lose more than average so far but I know my losses will now start to slow now I am over half way mark to my goal weight.


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in my experience you lose lbs quicker than dress sizes but it very much depends on your shape. also i think the smaller you are the closer the sizes are to each other.

i'm an apple and i went from nearly 15st and size 18/20 to 10st 7lb and a comfortable size 14 in just over 6 months.

starting at a 16/18 you should make it into a slinky size in 6 months


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I think it depends. I was 11.6 starting & a size 16. Got to a size 14 within a month but took me two months to get into a size 12, then a further 3 months to get into a size 10. Long & hard!!


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Hi there,
Well done so far on your weightloss, however when it comes to dress sizes it is variable depending on your bodyshape etc. I lost 24lbs prior to going on holiday and was a "bulging" size 16 (wouldnt admit to really needing an 18 :eek:) and 7 weeks later was a very comfortable 16 slightly tight 14 (go figure!!) So all my holiday shorts in a 14 were slightly muffin topped>>>:D
Now i put back 9lbs in total for the hol and faffing about after and am now on day 2 of restart but bizzarrely i still am a comfortable 16???
Hoping to lose 3+ stones over the next few months and will be keeping an extra eye on my measurements.
Another thing to keep in mind with wedding dresses, it is common to need them in a size larger than your usual clothing so please do not be put off if the assistant mentions that. It may be safer to order (as i appreciate you need to approx 6-9 months in advance) your dress in a larger size as it is easier to "take in" than "let out" so to speak.
Dolly x


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Thats a tough one NL4M, last year I didn't really notice a difference in my clothes size until I had lost 4 stone(probably because i was squeezed for dear life into 24s and it took 2-3 stone to get into them "properly"!) but then suddenly I couldn't keep in clothes - I was dropping a size every 2 weeks - it was crazy. Overall i went from a 28 to 14 in 6 months although it wasn't a nice straight line down. I guess a lot depends on how much you have to lose, but I'm sure if you stick to it you'll go down a few sizes.

Good luck


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Great!! Great to hear your comments!
I went wedding dress shopping today and it went much better than the other day when the girl couldn't get me into some of the dresses in her shop ;((
Today I went to a proper bridal shop, and the girls were fab, they knew exactly how to put the dresses on me. They were talking of a size 20 :O but I told them I'm on this diet and from NOW until next JUNE I will have lost dress of the girls looked at me a bit :/ Dunno what size to order my dress in when I go to order it end of January. I guess I will have shrunk a bit between now and Jan too.
Any ideas??


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Excellent that you had a lovely shopping experience. It is very difficult being a plus size (as stated in the trade) to get a good variety to try and specialist shops are the way forward to get a comphrehensive idea of what suits you.
Now the reason the assistant gave that "look" is because every bride 2 be states the same accolaide, and they are used to seeing many brides the same and sometimes larger when the dress eventually arrives 2 sizes smaller!! Also ignorance to how effective this diet is will make them wonder how it is possible when we all know it can be done.
My suggestion would be to wait until end of January and have another few appts booked as your shape will have changed and you may find different styles of dress to try on helping you find "the one".
It is all very exciting, I know there is another bride to be on this forum and her weightloss in just a couple of months has been staggering. Hopefully she will be able to advise on what she has done.
Good luck and keep at it. :553:
Dolly x

NL4M apologies i have just read your very first post again and realised you are only a size 16-18, (NOT plus size at all) personally i would expect you would have reached goal prior to June.....I thought that you were looking at losing a stone a month until June (Gosh there would be nothing left of you :).
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