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Do you dream about food?

lol, I dont really remember dreams but I remember those early days when I would have given my right arm for a sambo!!

I had looked at other peoples figures and counted the weeks they were on it and thought these people are amazing. It really really does get easier.

one day you will get up and realise you havent thought about food all day.
i had a fantastic dream last night i eat a sunday lunch but funily enough i even felt guilty in the dream lol,i woke up and swear i could taste it and my heart sank when i thought omg did i acctually eat that? obvioslly i did not so as long as it stays a dream i dont mind the calorie free dinners haha
if only they could all be like that, low fat and free of charge!!
yep, i remember at the start i used to havee dreams of food every night. mostly nightmares that i ate and ruined the diet. thankfully that didnt come true, yet anyway :)


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the same as above, ive had dreams like that then ive woke up in the morning thinking ive ate in the night and ruined the diet. no chance of that happening lol. x
i have the same dreams too! that i have eaten! when i wake i am really cheesed off with myself !......then realize its not true! ha ha!
I drank a whole jug of juice and was so angry with myself but was so relieved when I woke up and realised I was dreaming!!!
yea me too I keep dreaming im eating the juciest apple ever last night in my dream i actually realised ishouldnt have been eating at all (not afruit person though but when im finished this im going looking for that juicy green apple cause it tasted good in my dreams)
I have just woken up from a doze and the thing that woke me up was biting into a wholemeal bread roll with ham and tomatoes, then i thought oh my god have i just thrown 3 days away, think its cos i am really craving food today, your weight loss has been brill pat your self on the back well done!
No dreams yet....But I can't stop cooking and baking for others! I think I'm trying to fatten other people up!


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I dream about food - I also think about it all the bloody time too at the moment! Aargh!!


Back to reality!
Yes- I have so had this! Every single night :( The first night I dreamt I ran round the shopping centre like some sort of mad women running into every shop and just stuffing my face with whatever I could find- wrappers and all!!!
I actually makes me feel a bit better in the morning because I know I am being good and not being a mad women!
I've had a dream before that I cheated and had chinese takeaway and felt soooooo guilty that I was cross with myself for a bit when I woke up!! Lol
Every minute of every day, dream at night and day-dream all day long, non stop! Not helped by food adverts, master chef, britains best menu, colleagues eating bacon sarnies and crisps next to me, cooking the kids diner etc etc !!

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