Do you dream of food?


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I had a dream last night that I was eating loads of choclates and caramel slices - glad it was only a dream!
Every week I dream of eating something bad - is this normal?
I am a big dreamer anyway-I remember a good 3 or 4 dreams a night.
Since dieting I have been dreaming about food non stop!!!
Last night I dreamt I had a huge kebab and chips with big mac sauce to dip my chips in!! Then I had a big crate of guiness(dont even like guiness!).
Dreamt about steak in bar b q sauce the day before-it tasted lovely ;)
I suppose it is our sub conscious saying "why are you not feeding me crap"!

At least it is just a dream!
lol! yeh i dream about food ever since i started this! Even healthy things like apples & pears as i miss eating fruit!!!! as well as chocolate!!

I even talk about it all the time as i notice it more now as i dont have it!! At work & college its all we seem to talk about!!!

oh yeah! i dream about food quite a lot. i dream that im doing well on CD but someone either makes me eat something or i do it by accident...then i wake up in a big panic cos i think ive eaten! LOL how daft!
last night i dreamt of gala bingo?!!! i had been playing it online before i went to bed! LOL
hmmm...i dunno whether dreaming of eating junk would be a good or a bad thing for me. probably bad!!!

i dont dream of sex either. jeez i cant even have fun in my sleep!
I certainly dream of food and sex every night!!!!

and I find myself talking about food all the time and also i phone my friends to ask them what theyve had for dinner and if they say, oh nothing special, i demand an answer!!!! lol

It satisfies me to know what theyve eaten, strange i know!!:D
I'm glad I found this thread. I keep having these dreams where I forget i'm SSing and eat a huge meal then remember and feel absolutely devastated. It's most odd!
Last night i dreamt of eating an entire mint Aero!!

And it's this websites fault!! I remember reading a post from someone who had eaten a square of mint aero and it stuck in my mind..

and I ate the rest of it in my dream!! ARGH