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do you eat bars everyday ?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Bar should only be started in week 3 by this time ketosis is firmly establisihed.

Its ok to have one bar a day, every day.
I personally stuck to the one's lower in Carb, because I am carb sensitive. Especially on a AAM week.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
am i the only one who doesnt like the bars at all? :confused:
LOL NO, though most find one out of the six they like.

I always think it worth giving flavours a second try few weeks or months into the diet. I know for many your taste buds change, as did mine.

I've always hated chocolate flavoured thing like hot chocolate and choc milk shake. But I love CD chocolate shakes, I tried them weeks into the diet and it has become a firm favourite :).
I had bars from my 2nd week and have one every day - although I only have the peanut and cranberry crunch varieties.
Never had a bar. To me they are too close to chocolate or breakfast bars to nibble on. I may change my mind in a few weeks, but i feel i gotta do CD as simply as possibe at the moment :)
I had bars from my 2nd week and have one every day - although I only have the peanut and cranberry crunch varieties.
:D Those are the two i avoid, i find they have an unwanted windy side effect!!

but i love the bars, didn't discover them until months into the diet and treat myself to one a day if possible but i have to say i find they don't fill me up even if i drink loads of water so i try to save them until later into the evening.
I love the bars! After eating the bars on lighter life for 4 months they were a godsend! The orange and caramel are to die for especially if you put them in the freezer for an hour before, yummy!!
love amanda xx
I also love the bars. My favs are choc orange and caramel. I didn't like the peanut or cranberry ones. I would love to have one every day but don't because they make me hungry and definitely give me a wind problem :sigh:

I save them for special occasions and when I really, really need to eat something.


Fed up of being fat
I really like the cranberry bar, I think its yummy! I usually have 2 or 3 a week.


MUST get a grip
thats good pet. i have to go pee again got it soo annoying!!!!!!
Cheers Becks - I need to go meslf..... I've been bloody freezing today as well, even my soup laced with tabasco didnt warm me up! It was a red hot bath - just got my T & bar to have in a while.


please try again
i have a bar a day, usually made into biscuits of an evening. i like the malt toffee and the chocolate ones

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