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Do you enjoy cooking for others? (food mentioned)

OMG - I cook every day for my husband and seem to be getting more creative every day!!! - I have been cooking non stop since CD!!!... and am great at not even putting a morsel in my mouth which is weird! But i do sit there and smell the food and ask my husband - how does it reallllyyy taste? what is the texture? blah blah blah - i am food obsessed!
I turned into a real cooking addict when i first started ss'ing and it continued for some time! Especially started baking and trying new recipes i had never done before. It did wane once i started to nibble and get closer to goal, it became too tempting for me. Now getting back ino it, but at least its for me now! I think this happens to a lot of people. Wierd lot aren't we!? xx


Nearly "Normal"
I recently broke up with my boyfriend and the hardest thing to cope with is having no one to cook for and I don't want to seem like a total feeder to the other people at work...

But yeah, I'm LOVING cooking at the moment, just like KittyKat2010, I'll cook for someone then ask how it tastes? Is it good? What's the texture like...
I absolutely ADORE cooking, cook books, cookery shows!

I'm currently working in waterstone's as a christmas temp, and you should have seen my face when i was allocated the cooking section!!!!


please try again
i bake cakes and stuff for him and madam, its theraputic i swear!
and since alexice posted a link to that food site i check it everyday for more things to bake
I've been a fan of cooking for other people for the last few months now - I think I like being domestic at times :) That and I like taking care of my BF because honestly if I didnt cook for him, he'd make a meal out of Twinkies and potato chips. Amazing that he's actually relatively fit!


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OMG thats so weird, I thought I was just being odd! I have never liked cooking and baking but since SSing I have loved making things. I bake lots of cakes and biscuits now for hubby and daughter and hubby takes them into work for his workmates. I even manage to do it without tasting even the teeniest bit :) I do ask how they taste etc though

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