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Do you ever feel hungry doing ww

Hiya im kind of struggling now and i cant seem to get on with the unit diet as the forum i go on has not got many people going on some days there might be only one where with ww there is quite a few.
I did ww along time ago and lost 1 stone the weight loses was 5 and 2 and 3lbs a week .But i am bothered that i feel hungry and dont have any points left after tea for a treat.
Help would be helpful those doing ww

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I personally never feel hungry doing ww, but my problem is that I eat out of habit and because I want to rather than because I'm hungry.

If you do need treats etc throughout the day then your best bet would be to have low point main meals and then low point snacks in between. If however you would prefer to feel full and not need to snack then you can just go for bigger portions for your main meals and use your points up there.

The great thing about ww is that it is totally adaptable to everyone's appetite, you can snack, or not, you just need to spread your points out to suit yourself.

I am allowed 19 points a day, so I usually allow myself 9-10 points for during the day and then I have my remaining 9-10 points for dinner and 'pudding'. If I feel like a treat for after dinner then I'll have something low in points for my meal (i.e. chicken breast, mash potato and loads of veg with gravy) then that leaves me with plenty of points for snacks or a pudding after dinner. If I feel like I would rather have a big satisfying 'normal' dinner then I'll have something such as chilli con carne, or spag bol, which uses up more points and then I just have a mini milk or something similar afterwards as my snack/pudding.

It really is up to you, but if you sort your points properly then there is no need for you ever to be hungry.

Hope that helps....sorry for the long reply, I hope I haven't put you to sleep, lol.
Hiya Marie

No you have not put me to sleep the problem i did find when i did ww before was that i ate less in the day then i had a lump of points left after tea . then i could not use them all
Do you weigh all your foods out have you to count fruit in with your days points is this how the plan works.

Thanks for your advise

Good luck

Fruit has to come out of your daily allowance, but most of it quite low in points anyway so it's not too bad. Most veg is 0 points, so if you can stock up on that with your main meals then you can keep your points low AND make way towards your 5-a-day.

If you find that you have a lot of points left at the end of the day, then perhaps you should plan your days out for a while, just until you get into the routine of what you can eat to spread out your points.

I tend to think about what I'm going to eat for the day first thing in the morning. I don't go as far as to write it all down, but if I can at least work out what I'm having for my dinner (which is usually my highest pointed meal of the day) then it gives me an idea of what to eat for the rest of the day. For example - If I'm having a low point dinner for just 6 points or so, then I know I can afford a slightly higher point lunch and I'll add a bag of crisps to have with my sandwich. If I'm having a high point dinner then I know I need to go easy with my lunch and day time snacks.

Once you get the hang of it it's such an easy diet to follow. Everyone's appetite and eating habits are different so it's difficult to adivse people on what they should and shouldn't eat, but the points system is so easily addapted. For anyone who doesn't eat a lot then it's easy to just make sure that what you do it is higher in points, whereas for someone who likes to eat a lot (like me, hehe) then it's easy to have low point meals and low point snacks.
There's a thread on this page titled "what have you eaten today", perhaps you could have a browse through that to get an idea what other people are eating and how they're spreading out their points throughout the day. It might help you?


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Hi Bethany, have you considered the Core plan on Weight Watchers rather than the Points plan? Core is very similar to Slimming World and you wouldn't be hungry following that plan.

Good luck whatever you decide to do. :)


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I was permanently hungry when I was on WW. I think I just obsessed about the points I could have and I found it very difficult. But I do know people who do really well on WW.
Hiya Janey im undersiding wether to give ww a go or try and persevere with unit diet which i know with that you can have free fruit and potatoes and all your foods are low united .

Id recommend giving WW a go. Although you have to count some fruit as points you get loads for maybe half a point. You get so much variation and theres so much stuff you can buy with the points already worked out for you - both WW own brand and Tescos Healthy foods.

Its worth trying. If you look at the threads on here we're all managing a good average weight loss


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Hi Bethany, are you only considering doing WW because there isn't enough forum support on the internet for the Unit Diet? I am sure it can't be nice feeling alone but at the end of the day it is more important to find a diet that you like and suits you. We can all support you here even if we aren't following the same plan.
Thanks starlight for your help and advise dont think there is hardly anybody on here doing the unit diet only me
You are very helpful and kind and supportive hun
Do you lose every week how much have you lost altogether
Good luck


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