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Do you feel slimmer than you are ??


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ok so i was talking to someone about this yesterday and it got me thinking could people have the opposite to anorexia i mean i actually see myself slim although i am far from it.
The only way i really know my true size is from a picture or the way i feel slugish etc and from clothes

Anyone actually look at themselfs this way or am i mad!!!!!!!!!:eek:
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No love, you aint mad!!

I think i was seriously delusional before i lost my weight.

But now i feel even worse - my head definitely hasn't caught up with my weight loss. I look in the mirror and I kinda see the same thing. If it wasn't for me buying size 12 clothes and fitting into them (always helps!), so now I think i have body dismorphia... I definitely don't see what's in the mirror.

Actually, I've had that all the time...

I am seriously confused.



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oh god lynne that is not good what about photos have you compared them yet

do you feel better in yourself though???


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I didn't realise how big I was until photos we're taken also.
I had photos taken just after I'd given birth - literally 5 mins and my face looks so fat! At the time I was like - oh I'd just given birth so thats ok. Then the pictures the days after - I was huge, and my excuse was I still had a baby bump and carrying baby weight and it would soon shift!

Well I was the same size & weight 12 weeks later when I first did CD and I now have 3 photos from my CD journey and each of them I am getting smaller. But I know I big I am now - just looking forward to getting smaller =]


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I honestly think its how you feel in yourself.. if you feel good about how you look and feel and you are bigger then all well and good.. but if you feel pretty trapped and sluggish, then yes.. you have to go for it don't you, for yourself!

I had a pic taken at the weekend, at a Ladies night out, will post on here some time, lol.. and I loved how I felt, my hair was done professionally and my make up too.. but seeing the pic that came back yest.. I looked directly at my wobbly bits. xx
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S: 13st8lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.68%)
I do feel better of course. I wasn't happy carrying all that weight. (I don't feel like a different person tho!) When I was overweight I knew i'd get out of puff walking up a slight incline... but i could always manage it, I never had to stop because I was so out of breath.

I can do that same walk withouth thinking about it now, so obviously there is a shift.

I've started going to the gym and swimming - and i've started now because i feel less embarrased about going swimming and to the gym - it wasn't because I didn't feel able i could do those things when I was bigger - the embarrassment was holding me back.

My head definitely hasn't caught up, unfortunately. I do have loads of before pics (about 10 years worth!! well the ones I haven't ritually burnt!!), I'll have to upload some recent ones - just got to get around to it!

You know what made the most difference to me and the way I feel? I had my hair cut and now I straighten it*. I always had longish curly hair, and when I lost weight I just cut it off. I wouldn't have done that before I lost weight. That has made the most difference to the way i feel because I now look so different - lost 4 stone and my hair is totally changed. People literally don't recognise me. It's great!! lol
(*my Egghead pic was a one off with straight hair... the next day it was curly again! lol).

I don't think i'm helping. OH, another thing. I could put on weight and not really notice... until my clothes got tight. I don't think I'm in touch with my own body image... otherwise I'm sure i would have done something about it.

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think i've said this before on here. but i have never ever looked in the mirror and thought i looked morbidly obese. i know i am far too big and the clothes size doesn't lie- but i am tall and just don't think i look 20st. well, not until i catch sight of myself on a cctv camera etc. i carry a lot of weight on my lower back and bum so maybe thats why i dont think i look big front on in a mirror!


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I'm exactly the same. Knew my weight was creeping up but never thought i was as big as i looked in photos. don't get me wrong i knew i was overweight and so much bigger than my friends but didn't realise quite how awful i looked! now i am just getting to the stage where i will look in a full length mirror to check how look quickly but i have worse days now feeling i look awful and have bad 'fat clothes' dys - paticularly at the moemtn where few of my clothes fit me the same now so what was one of my favourite tops before now looks odd which makes me stress. vicious circle. i think it's beccause i'm more conscious of my body now i'm doing something about my weight. before it was easy to ignore my size because i wasn't doing anything about it, now i'm so focussed o nthis deit and gym and looking forward to buying new clothes etc that it is constantly in my mind. I hope that it'll wear off as i reach goal as i have always had a poor body image of myself since i was a kid. would be nice to not have to worry if there is someone looking at me or a sneaky camera appearing out of nowhere and being able to wear the clothes i like as aopposed to ones that fit but i have a feeling it's not going to be quiet that easy to change something i've instilled in my head for the past 15 years. have to wait and see i guess, luckily i have a good family and awesome friends that i think will help get my head in the right mind set so i don't become to obsessive.

Just goes to show that maintenance isn't just about food and your phsyical image, it's about your mental image too.

lunar jim

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It's all just so weird 'aint it. Like other have said, I never looked in the mirror and thought 'oh my god' even when at my heaviest. It was only in photographs when I really hated the way I looked, thought I dodged te camera whenever I realised it was there, unless I absolutely had to pose for it, for a team photo, or one for my company pass or whatever.

I hated the way I felt though, out of breath all the time, sweaty, tired etc. etc.

Now, the opposite is true, oddly. I keep looking at myself and thinking I've put on weight, despite the scales showing I've held steady since the new year.


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Absolutely 100% agree with everything on here and, and this really sucks, this was the worst thing about when I first lost weight on Cambridge. I thought I was still slim for 3 years until the dreaded photos showing me I was anything but. Not I'm back on it again and lost a few pounds, I think I'm fatter. Weird. You can lie to yourself but photos don't lie I guess.
i always feel bigger than i am. i am not massively overweight on the scales, but in my head i feel i look 20 stone and 4ft tall. i have lost nearly 2 stone and still think i look exactly the same as before. its so weird. think its gonna take me a long time to see myself for who i really am. i even ask others if thats really me when i see a pic of myself cos i cant believe i dont look morbidly obese in the pics!!


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At 17 stone I thought I looked the nuts and really ok!!!

Now..... I'm still 17 stone in my head until I see myself in shop window or small sizes fit



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I think we are all "big in our heads" when we've lost weight, we need ppl to let us know, takes ages before we realise it notices ourselfs.. so yes, total madnes girls, we are truely Bonkers, lol xx


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What an interesting thread - thank you for starting it x

I'm one of the 'not feeling as large as I am' brigade until I see photos or see myself in shop windows.

Ah well, onwards and downwards.

Good luck all and well done on your losses so far x


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I do think of myself slimmer than I am untill I see a pic or see myself standing next to someone slim. I think I gained weight quite suddenly after being in a really good shape. Having said that, back then I saw myself fat, because had been most of my life. My mind and my physique are just never in the same place, same time! lol


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In my head I am slimmer. When I dream (at night lol) I look slimmer and it isn't until I see myslef in photos I know that I am not. Does that make sense.

I know I am huge really, but don't see it if you know what I mean. Not making much sense am I.

Since losing just over 2 stone though I look at pics and can't really see the difference and still feel nearly 18 stone. Ok, so clothes fit better and I can get into a smaller size easily, but the photos still show me at my original weight.

Ok, enough waffle. Sounds like a lot of us need therapy lol

Charlie xx


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I've really struggled this week. I'm taking my week on 810 now as i'm pretty much halfway to my goal but i now feel like i'm cheating on the diet despite knowing i'm not, i'm stuggling to have all i should and i feel like i'm back to the weight i was when i left uni (at my heaviest i was 20st 2). i know i look better than i did a couple of months ago but i am really struggling mentally. I think it's right that your mentally image and phsyical image are rarely in the same place. I'm just so frustrated with myself that i can't get my mind back to a good place when food is involved but i think it's just a case of finishing my SS til i'm near goal and working my way through the maintenance. hopefully my metal/phsyical images will sync by then!

what a nightmare eh!

Big H

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I still feel fat, even though I am far from it - think I always will lol

** Just Jools **

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When I was fat I always looked in the mirror & thought, "I'm not that bad, I look ok" but then I saw photos & like everyone else thought "OMG!! Look at the size of me".

I've lost nearly 5 stone now but like Big H look in mirror & think I'm huge still!!!

Doesn't make sense but there you go! x