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Green Days Do you have a full tin of baked beans or 1/2?!


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Used to have a full tin but trying to cut down my portion size so am on half now.


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depends how hungry i am and if i'm having other food with them. if i have a cooked breakfast i'll have half a tin, but if it's just beans on toast or on a jacket potato i'll eat the whole tin.

i like cooking them for ages aswell, so the sauce goes really thick and stodgy. taste so much nicer that way.... my beans are banned from microwaves!


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If it's in a jacket potato I have 1/2 as the jacket is so filling, but if I have them on 2 slices of Nimble I have the full tin otherwise I know I will get hungry again within a couple of hours! This morning I had a full tin with quorn sausages and tomatoes as I felt I needed a big breakfast! I suppose it depends on a few factors such as appetite, how active I've been/am going to be, and what else I'm having them with!x
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full tin and i always have a few heaped spoons cold out the tin before i heat them mmmmmmmm
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I usually have half tin but ive had full tin today on my spud as i was starving! lol xx


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full tin.. otherwise you have to keep half a tin in the fridge until you need it next....
either that or buy the half tins / snap pots to start with..

as said they are a speed food so I fugure if I have the whole tin then that's a bit faster than half a tin..:)
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I nom the whole tin never gained yet in 16 weeks I use WW small wholemeal bread and quark as butter =]
if its free fill yourself up!!
I feel burst worthy after too and find I dont snack or feel hungry till teatime.
If i ave 1/2 I have a pudding i.e chopped fruit carrot sticks.
I cut my evening meal size but not lunch I think breakfast and lunch should fill you right up as you'll be using the most energy throughout the day. Its working for me lol
now enjoy those beans =D eat whatever amount you like xxx


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I have half a tin, but put ketchup on top, which apparently is wrong.
wrong in SO many ways, and not just for the syns that the ketchup adds...:jelous:

I do like to add a few splashes of hot sauce or chili sauce to mine on occasion for a bit of bite...
I usually have half a tin on my jackets, and a whole tin on two slices of wholemeal bread. I used to worry that too much of anything despite it being 'healthy' was going to stop my weight loss but a lady at my SW club lived off baked beans on stuff for a whole week and lost 8lbs! :eek:

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